16 September, 2010

FNO! Let us shop, shop, SHOP!

Fashion's Night Out was introduced last year and has already garnered much fancy and become one of the most awaited events in it's first year itself. Going against the in-famous recession (since 2009) that caused a global issue in the lives of the people around the world and especially of those in the fashion industry (directly or indirectly), when people started to forget to shop, FNO was initiated as a night to make a call to shopping and to fashion. It is a celebration of fashion and this year again, the event was headed by Vogue magazine. This year, the event was even more successfull with it's expectations and aspirations taking its toll amongst all the fashion lovers. With bloggers blogging about it all over, inquisitive audience watching the highlights and behind-the-scenes of the preparations of the event at CBS, FNO could break all records each year, one event at a time.

Unfortunately, a problem has occured while I tried uploading a video of FNO's advert with the industry's best models. So here's the link to the video. Enjoy! You can watch many other related videos as well to keep yourself entertained.


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