29 September, 2010

Getting ready for fall

I can't get enough of felt, woollen and leather textures. With the designers frolicking with them for fall 2010, it makes me want to revel the coming season with them more than ever. Gosh, I'm oh-so ready for fall. My new love these days is with cloche hats. They were worn by the women in the 1920s and after watching Vogue's Creative Director, Grace Coddington work on a twenties photoshoot at The September Issue and seeing the final works, my love for these bell-like hats found new depth. Hey, come to think of it, I think it was the shoot that actually introduced me to them.

Actually the cloche hat was not confined to the 1920s only although it reached it's peak during that era.
 It was responsible for the period stance we associate with the era.  To wear one correctly the hat had to be all but pulled over the eyes, making the wearer have to lift up the head, whilst peering snootily down the nose.

Make up became the epitome of chicness, glamour and self-assurance. I got to know that during those times "when a woman publicly applied make up from a glamorous compact when in a restaurant or dance hall, she was exhibiting the new symbol of womanly grace and refinement. Knowing this kind of reminded me of my initial days of make-up acceptance. It was during my college years when most girls had adopted this culture of the grown ups and like those of the celebrities. Using make-up (which includes compatct powder and lip gloss) was the exciting thing about college and hearing the names of the brands like Florelle, Lo'real, Lakme was very entertaining. So these girls cultivated the habit of using them to make themselves look more attractive and self-maintained. While some did it to control the oil, many applied to look fairer tan normal. It was at the restrooms at they did it and even I started this habit. And then slowly few years later, these girls became more overt about it and starting doing it in public ignoring all stares. Before they were pretty shy and some were even embarrassed and denied using compacts but I thought going public was quite a bold move (gosh, how innocent of me).

Yeah, well that's that. I know I should seriously start learning how to cut to the chase. Back on track. Here are few pictures of the shoot inspired from the twenties, styled by Grace Coddington, photographed by Steven Meisel.

And some classic pictures straight out of the shelf.


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