22 September, 2010

Photography, art and arms

God, I had no idea how difficult studio photography was. Having worked with professional photographers, I thought their job was the most fun job ever and it was me who had to work hard to get the looks together. It seems I’m being a typical Sagittarius being oblivious of reality. But I didn’t know what was true until today so I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.
Me to me: Common, you didn’t know.
And I was talking about photography. Today was the day for my first studio photography ever and I think I faired pretty well. I say (think) because we haven’t yet printed the pictures, just developed them and while developing the film we ruined half of it. But the good part is, most of my pictures were more visible than the rest so I was spared the tragedy, muhahaha (evil laugh). Sadly, it was heartbreaking to see my two friends’ (Sudeep and Raj) hard work go down the drain. Seriously, they’d made double the effort I made; contemplating on the lighting for two days, creating it and then finally taking the pictures, sigh!
All in all, it was a fun day clicking pictures and also modelling for Sudeep and Raj’s shoot. I took the picture at Kathmandu University where I have my classes. Notice the background. It’s the work of the students at the University which is a fine arts college and you can see the artwork everywhere you turn in the building.
As soon as you enter the building, you walk up the stairs and at the first landing, you’ll see a white wooden box with hands crafted out of wood at the sides of the box. They look as if they’re hands of the beggers reaching out for some coins out of a wall or something. And then there are murals, paintings and graffiti on the walls, human sculptures, oil paintings by the students. If you’re an art lover or an artist, this place would be equivalent to a paradise.
Here are some pictures but unfortunately, I don’t have much to share. May be I’ll get some captured on my camera for those curious and excited ones.

The above two paintings is that of the artists themselves. Amazing, isn't it?

The majestic galaxy, the Moon and the stars

A traditional Newari style door

The bombshell.

How I look these days is a little weighty me. I know I need to lose some here and there and I’m also working on it. During and post my recent flu, I gained back some flab that I had gotten rid of but no worries I always have my exercise regime to get me back to shape. Good news, I’m not one of those who starves herself to get "things done". That’s not me. That can’t be me because I’m deeply in love with my food. We share a rather deep bond and an understanding one if I need to ‘control’ my diet which strengthens our relation even more.
I surfed through the web to get some tips on arm toning and here’s a picture even for you if you’re in my shoes.
 I also found something that promised Michelle Obama arms but I'm not a fan of those (arms). Sorry but spare me. Not in the mood for body building. I like you Mrs Obama and I love your style but I have to break it to you.  

Night night for today.
More pictures coming soon.



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