31 October, 2010

Old School Calling

Denise Huxtable's funky style from the 80's comedy show, the Cosby Show. She played the character of Lisa Bonet. Mixing contrasting prints together, she eloquently donned her individual style with such comfort and made a statement that we can now look back and say, "wow! look at what she's wearing!"

I didn't get to watch her or the show when it aired. Reason number 1: I wasn't born when the show started. Reason number 2: When it's last season was running, I was just 5. But anyhow, if I were to have even born or been big enough to understand style, I'd definitely have looked out for her and admired her throughout my life. 

 The 80s was all about bright loud colors. Big, spiky, curly hair was in. Acid wash jeans, leggings, leg warmers, huge mohair sweaters falling from one shoulder, pointy-toed stilettos....
All's back. We must've laughed at it a decade ago but now they're haunting in our closet or shopping list. They must be having a big laugh at us now saying, "who's laughing now huh?" But any way, I'm starting to really dig the 80s look alongside the other styles of the other decades. Appreciate would be a more decent word.

Yes, I know. It's shocking. Now pick your favourite, I've picked mine. Guess which?

21 October, 2010

Walk Walk Fashion Baby

Introducing to you, my lace-up booties from 'Fifth Avenue". There's a series of coincidence and luck that chronicles with this lovely find. As all who live at the K-town would know, it is impossible to find the trend of the season here and with Kathmandu so slow with catching up with it (trends of the present season can only be found at the stores next year or two, which is very discouraging for a trend follower), I couldn't find any kind of oxford booties anywhere. From the high-end fashion stores that only sold designer labels to the local stores that put up capricious Bangkok goods. Nothing found. Utter disappointment.
But one day, as I was walking down the lane of Boudha towards the local library for a quick read, I made a sudden left head-turn (as if somebody yelled out my name, how surreal right?) and saw these beauties that drew me towards her like a strong magnet. Pleasant coincidence. I was instantly in love. Actually it wasn’t the store’s repertoire of saleable items but it was owned by a lady who had bought these at New York from Fifth Avenue. But they were too small for her feet so she had kept it at the store for sale at half the price. Romance vs Luck. But although I fell in love with them instantly, it took me four more visits to the shop to finally buy the footwear. Not that I didn’t like them enough. I did not want to shop in haste because I’m trying not to squander my money around. Trying to be a reasonable shopper? Anyways, I’m thinking I made the right decision by taking my own time and also by finally purchasing the pair. I wore it to work once on a gloomy day and had my feet warm throughout the day. Happy me.

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