30 November, 2010


Looks a little vintage!
Whenever I do some shopping, I always hesitate to show my parents what I bought. You know, as I'm always expected to do a small informal presentation at the end of every day if I've spent it without them. Like how they do it at big company offices. "Today, the company made a decision to go ahead with so-and-so deal and we've talked to the workers at our Milan outlet and we'll have to put a stronger base to avoid so-and-so problems again." You get the gist, right? So just like that, I'm expected to tell them everything and now it's turn into a habit that without it, it feels almost like skipping a meal or two. A bit of advice, when your parents tell you, "we may not have the best knowledge required for this day and age but we always know how to deal with things better than you", please believe them, because they actually do and realising this has made me so much wiser over the years. But sometimes I do rebel on certains topics when I know I really want to do something.
I've been writing about allll this without even nearing to why I even started this conversation. Back on track: So without a doubt, whenever I shop a thing or two, I have to show it to them and I always try to show them from a little distance especially when I've bought something that's not quite practical, that does not have much longevity. So I bought that denim jacket pictured above and I was so happy as I'd been searching for such a jacket for (hypothetically) ages because most were either too fancy or too short/small or too awful. The wash of the denim seemed to fit my taste perfectly. The sleeves and the collar of the jacket has been ripped and torn carefully to add a slight ragged finishing. AND after I showed it to my dad and was folding it into the bag, he suddenly noticed the sleeves and said (in our native language, of course, with a surprised look), "hey, what's that? It's torn." "Ya, this is the style of the jacket (trying to act cool but wishing he wouldn't get mad)." "Oh!" Thank God. I've used this statement so many times that now they don't even bother to retort. They just say, "Oh..." Like, "I went to the library today." "Oh!" "I had pizza for lunch today." "Oh!"

Well, that's the story behind the jacket being here. If bored please entertain yourself with the picture below.

Clockwise from left: High-neck sweater that looks like a poncho when worn, Scarf (gift from Peter Delahaye from UNICEF, Bangkok), Chain necklace from random store and ring from Naya Pasal, Choke necklace from random store, bespoke leopard printed chiffon scarf

19 November, 2010

Sweaters, skirts, camel and more...

No bare legs, no korean eye-poking colours, no rocket science, no dos and don'ts ... only simplicity, minimalism, practicality and more sweaters with skirts.

 P.S. No write-ups this time. Only photo filtre and the pictures and some concentration.

16 November, 2010

Instant Poodle!

'Excusez-moi' the clutter at the  background.

Hi people, it's been a week that I haven't posted anything. With consecutive events taking up most of my time I've become abysmal to blogging almost everyday but now that things are a bit steady for few days I made an effort to make this a bit special. During the weekend I managed to do some shopping and I must admit I found quite a few substantial items for myself. Since my friend Situ was with me this time, I managed to get a satisfactory bargain. Really, you should see her bring the prices down like this (snap!). I'm learning a great deal about bargaining from my friend who knows a lot about smart shopping, at least more than me.
What we do is we hop from one store to the other, scan through everything and keep the best items in our head and if that's the best in the entire store, we go look for the best price. Sounds exhausting right? It isn't that tiring like it sounds but it does manage to fight the flab in our tummy.

Well, today was quite a day for me and Situ. We clicked some pictures (mostly mine) and I wore my new skirt that looks like a poodle skirt from the 50s, it has a very vintage air to it. And that was what attracted me to it first of all and the buttons feels so rght for it.

The picture was of course taken by Situ. I was flabbergasted by how well she understands my body language and presses the shutter release button at the right time. But she should, shouldn't she?
The bag is vintage - my amala's (mom). Ring from Naya Pasal.

I like the fabric chiffon, it's so flowy and makes your skin breathe although this time around, it needs to snuggle down under warm knits or blazers. But still, a girl's gotta do what she wants to do, aight that right?

And as I was talking about my skirt and the buttons.

I love how this top allows me to make either a tie or a ribbon at the front part. It finishes the look in a dainty note.

07 November, 2010

Oscar dela Renta: He is ze man!

One Lazy Afternoon. An ode to Renta with my eeinie mini minnie knowledge on using lasso and all.

I just loved the Spring/Summer Collection of Oscar dela Renta for 2011. I felt the craftmanship was speaking with each outfit that walked down the ramp. How every dress and look was guarded with perfection was breathtakingly outstanding. I was literally gasping as I kept on clicking the 'next' button at this website of Vogue. Yeah, honestly, literally. What Renta has forseen for the next season of fashion is very clean, clear and minimalist and very feminine, posh. It epitomises what every inch of a real Lady should look like. Very obediently dressed for a formal event. I loved loved his collection. His clothes has given me a different perspective of the summer of 2011. Nothing ragged. Gosh, why do I feel like just by using words like ragged with untidy the looks. Haha,,, how amusingly careful am I getting.

Although it was quite difficult for me to select 'the' best ones amongst the best ones but I had to choose a few of my favourites, from which I whittled it down to six looks. And with those you have the tacky work by me done above. I'm still not satisfied with what I made out of the pictures available, I will be working on it this coming weekend and have you sneek at it for some acceptance. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the review below by Nicole Phelps for Style

Oscar dela Renta has never made any apologies for catering to the upper tiers of the upper crust, and why should he? But his reliance on certain posh props (updos and heavy eye makeup on the models, an ostrich bag filled with fresh-cut flowers, a soundtrack of doo-wop hits by the Platters) made today's somewhat uneven collection feel more old-fashioned than it might otherwise have. Mixed in among the ladylike tweeds, windowpane plaids, and raffia embroidered linen were a pair of genuinely fresh shibori print frocks in relaxed away-from-the-body silhouettes. For cocktail hour, there were a fair number of modern options, from a strapless number in navy gazar embroidered with black organza to a white swansdown tutu with a black faille bodice, the latter of which seemed to thrill front-row star Sarah Jessica Parker. And, as ever, de la Renta's gowns were something to marvel at, especially the black mermaid dress with the one flounced shoulder strap and the ivory threadwork embroidery layered over a peony pink column. On the other hand, numbers like the celadon silk faille with the pink carnation appliqu├ęs and matching bolero erred too retro and over-the-top. At his best, de la Renta has a more subtle touch.
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