16 November, 2010

Instant Poodle!

'Excusez-moi' the clutter at the  background.

Hi people, it's been a week that I haven't posted anything. With consecutive events taking up most of my time I've become abysmal to blogging almost everyday but now that things are a bit steady for few days I made an effort to make this a bit special. During the weekend I managed to do some shopping and I must admit I found quite a few substantial items for myself. Since my friend Situ was with me this time, I managed to get a satisfactory bargain. Really, you should see her bring the prices down like this (snap!). I'm learning a great deal about bargaining from my friend who knows a lot about smart shopping, at least more than me.
What we do is we hop from one store to the other, scan through everything and keep the best items in our head and if that's the best in the entire store, we go look for the best price. Sounds exhausting right? It isn't that tiring like it sounds but it does manage to fight the flab in our tummy.

Well, today was quite a day for me and Situ. We clicked some pictures (mostly mine) and I wore my new skirt that looks like a poodle skirt from the 50s, it has a very vintage air to it. And that was what attracted me to it first of all and the buttons feels so rght for it.

The picture was of course taken by Situ. I was flabbergasted by how well she understands my body language and presses the shutter release button at the right time. But she should, shouldn't she?
The bag is vintage - my amala's (mom). Ring from Naya Pasal.

I like the fabric chiffon, it's so flowy and makes your skin breathe although this time around, it needs to snuggle down under warm knits or blazers. But still, a girl's gotta do what she wants to do, aight that right?

And as I was talking about my skirt and the buttons.

I love how this top allows me to make either a tie or a ribbon at the front part. It finishes the look in a dainty note.


mashutzogirl said...

no worries abt the background...
your vintage bag,the shades,the skirt....the top and the part of u grabs our eye...
P.S~ you luk awesome...truly gives me the feel of the 50's style...
indeed V.I.N.T.A.G.E
keep blogging gal~~

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