30 November, 2010


Looks a little vintage!
Whenever I do some shopping, I always hesitate to show my parents what I bought. You know, as I'm always expected to do a small informal presentation at the end of every day if I've spent it without them. Like how they do it at big company offices. "Today, the company made a decision to go ahead with so-and-so deal and we've talked to the workers at our Milan outlet and we'll have to put a stronger base to avoid so-and-so problems again." You get the gist, right? So just like that, I'm expected to tell them everything and now it's turn into a habit that without it, it feels almost like skipping a meal or two. A bit of advice, when your parents tell you, "we may not have the best knowledge required for this day and age but we always know how to deal with things better than you", please believe them, because they actually do and realising this has made me so much wiser over the years. But sometimes I do rebel on certains topics when I know I really want to do something.
I've been writing about allll this without even nearing to why I even started this conversation. Back on track: So without a doubt, whenever I shop a thing or two, I have to show it to them and I always try to show them from a little distance especially when I've bought something that's not quite practical, that does not have much longevity. So I bought that denim jacket pictured above and I was so happy as I'd been searching for such a jacket for (hypothetically) ages because most were either too fancy or too short/small or too awful. The wash of the denim seemed to fit my taste perfectly. The sleeves and the collar of the jacket has been ripped and torn carefully to add a slight ragged finishing. AND after I showed it to my dad and was folding it into the bag, he suddenly noticed the sleeves and said (in our native language, of course, with a surprised look), "hey, what's that? It's torn." "Ya, this is the style of the jacket (trying to act cool but wishing he wouldn't get mad)." "Oh!" Thank God. I've used this statement so many times that now they don't even bother to retort. They just say, "Oh..." Like, "I went to the library today." "Oh!" "I had pizza for lunch today." "Oh!"

Well, that's the story behind the jacket being here. If bored please entertain yourself with the picture below.

Clockwise from left: High-neck sweater that looks like a poncho when worn, Scarf (gift from Peter Delahaye from UNICEF, Bangkok), Chain necklace from random store and ring from Naya Pasal, Choke necklace from random store, bespoke leopard printed chiffon scarf


the-second-hands said...

great one zo! love it.

tenzing said...

Thank you ^_^

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