30 December, 2010

Tonight belongs to us

Woah, this day is finally here and the year is coming to an end. Few more hours and we'll be stepping into a whole brand new year and I'm kind of getting anxious as to what it has in store for me or will it be the other way around. I'm starting to get the gist of having control over things as somebody once said (not don't ask me who this somebody is, I've already heard and seen it at facebook already) the steering of the wheel of your life is in your hands and you could either turn left or right or go straight ahead. Where do you want to go? Um.. technically this very hour I want to go and enjoy the party that awaits all life embracing people tonight. Who wants to talk about serious stuff when everybody's sooo wanting to GET DRUNK and look HOT and DIFFERENT and SEXY and COOL.

Come to think of it, let's move on with that notion (steering, life, left or right) with one step at a time. Like tiny baby steps. And the first step would be deciding on what to wear while you bid the year 2010 a humble goodbye. No worrying about me but if you're still in a dilemma for tonight then here are a few items I saw while I was fashion-searching around town. Hopefully, I'm not too late for this.

This leopard printed fur is nothing like I saw in the stores. It's not too fluffy making you look like a bear in the name of fashion. I'm doubtful about the length but the pearl lining looks beautiful.   

All that glitters is stored for tonight.

Be mine, please! 

A personal favourite. I'm starting to develop an affinity for peasant clothing. You'll have to see a vintage dress I 'inherited' from my friend's granny's closet, that's until I post it which will be soon.
*The boots, the fur coat and the dress is from Red Cherry at Boudha and the clutch is from Bishal Bazaar, Ground floor.

I will be going to Heaven on earth at Malla Hotel organised by kgarira with Situ and a bunch of other friends.

Forgetting everything that's got to do with worry, let us all have a good time and celebrate life because tonight belongs to US and we deserve to it, every single bit of it.

Happy New Year! 

25 December, 2010

Let it snow!

I recently attended this Christmas Fair at the Grand Hyatt Regency organised by AWON . Apparently, it was the largest and the most successful one according to a participant whom I stumbled upon weeks after the fair. If I have to exagerrate, browsing through all the stalls, admiring the small but opulently decorated christmas tree, I cultivated a rare hope within me that it could snow that day. Even though it was all bright and sunny and warm.

Extremely cute desk cum pocket calenders. You can have them custom made as well with photos from your very own collection to add a personal touch.

Capricious felt slip-ons for your feet to survive through the chilly winter days.

Handmade water colour cards.

 Besides beautiful clothes, accessories and christmas cards and handy goodies, the fair also had some stall of some non-profit organisations to raise funds for their individual noble causes. One such stall was that of the KAT Centre  that works incessantly "to create within the Kathmandu Valley a rabies-free, non-breeding street/community dog population through an Animal Birth Control (ABC) program, which operates along the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for the management of stray dog populations." They were there with a hope to encourage the people to adopt street dogs with pictures for further acknowledgement that yes, street dogs can look as adorable as an apso or as grandeur as a German Shepherd.

One of the things I purchased. I've cut the skirt shorter just where the slit starts. Just before you could try and imagine me with a slit skirt.  

22 December, 2010

23rd on the 19th

I didn't know if it was the escalating number or just me, but this birthday was no day I was looking forward to. A week was left for the day and I was not excited at all. There wasn't that berserk excitement that I felt every year. "Hold on, wait till tomorrow, you won't know how ecstatic you will get." I kept consoling myself with this but the day had arrived and I did not feel anything. Nothing felt special. Every year, I felt like the weather was just a little bit more beautiful this day (even though it's the most coldest of the year and there is no sun out in the sky) and that the air was a little more fresher, the colours were a little more vibrant... it always felt like everything was a little more of something good/positive. But this time everything seemed... normal.
My bestfriend who lives miles away from where I am, announced to me that she'd have a Red Velvet cake for me (which I can't wait to try), two of my lovable buddies wished me at midnight and to top it all, one was trying to outdo the other (but lost) and there was that chat with a long lost friend. Everybody had remembered and tried to make it special, what was still missing? "Is this called growing old?"
I checked the time. Wow, the day was almost coming to an end. I could almost pinch myself to check on my reflex action. But before I could try it, there was that text message and the phone call. And thank god, there is a thing called cellular phones these days.
Two of my lovable buddies, Donga and Deepak, had been planning a surprise for me and it was a real real surprise. I got it the first time when they called me out of the blue with an even more out-of-the-blue-ish excuse (it's just too obvious to mention at all). But they got me good, real good, when that one pound chocolate cake arrived. My mouth was agape when I first laid my eyes on them, literally. I did not expect that AT ALL. After finishing the ritual of blowing the candle, clapping with a hearty smile, cutting the cake, clapping some more this time with lesser curve, eating a mini bit of it, monkey claps and beaming a smile at each other... we SMACKed each other's face with the fat free whipped cream of the cake. Like a great man once famously rapped, "You gotta party like it's your birthday", we followed suit with a series of smacking at face with cream, laughing at the target that becomes the victim till we were irrepressible and giddy with too much laughter: even though we were running out of time, even though the cafe was starting to close for the day.

It wasn't the age and it certainly wasn't me; this girl just wanted to have some good time with some good people who did not miss one opportunity to make her realise it was her day. I realised it had been long I hadn't laught so hard like I laughed that night. I realised it had been even more long I hadn't felt like I was at the right place at the right time with the right people like I felt that night. And I want to thank you two for that.

Something that I found while looking here and there from 'when I wasn't even born' years. Just let me feel a little younger in whatever ways I can, will ya? Thank you!

Front row at the Chanel show, 1967

Dior, 1957

09 December, 2010

Amidst all the weirdness!

Question: Tell me, what do you get when you concoct Jay-Z, Robert Pattinson and Alexander Mcqueen altogether?
Answer: This post.
I've had the most weirdest days for some time. With early morning garbage collectors daily reminding me of the song 'Run this town' by Jay-Z featuring Rihanna and Kanye West, with their head-to-toe black ensemble, scarves covering 3/4th of their face and black caps. It's so amusing, I so badly want to have their pictures taken with the song as the caption every time I see them. Their shovels
could be the susbstitute for the torches in the music video and the rumble of their truck that loads their hard work could be their version of background music. Hah! Look at me taking my imaginative mind to the next level adding more weirdness to all the weirdness around me.
And humming the song or having it in my head throughout the day, I see a guy in a talk show that we organised who so closely resembled Robert Pattinson. He wasn't a local guy, a foreigner, most probably an American. As funny as it seems, I think he knows this because that evening, he was looking and wearing just like this. 
Well, well, please don't fall asleep yet. Let's leave all that aside now. Winter's been marking its presence deep into my skin lately. Chilly and windy in the morning, sunny and windy during the day time and back to the chilly-ness and the windy-ness in the evening. And to make it worse, the changing season gifted me a runny nose and an erratic sneeze during the oddest hours.
Anyways, last Saturday I was strolling along the stores and I came across these shoes at one of my favourite store, Envy (they have one of the best shoes and I've somehow started to feel that they're worth the price).  

These stilettos kind of reminded me of the late Alexander Mcqueen 's super-duper, out-of-this-world creative shoes. I know you must be like, "what's the resemblance?" That's my point. I think this is the furthest KTM could or can get. Let's be positive to the extreme and say there's a chance, there is still a chance.
You have also seen Lady Gaga walk in them in her music video, Bad Romance, and Demi Moore don them in Harper Bazaar's cover.

04 December, 2010

Walk the talk!

I've been looking around lately hoping to discover something most haven't or wouldn't but to my surprise, I managed to actually re-discover what I'd seen a year back. It wasn't a pleasant surprise. It was one of those kind of surprises that didn't make you glad. I wasn't happy. I was saddened to see them right where I had seen so long ago. Do you know what they were? They were the lace up shoes. Unlike any other knock-off ones found throughout Kathmandu Valley, these are Italian made.

Something you can feel proud to own. Something that will narrate your choice. You won't even have to say, "This is my choice. I'd rather wear these beauties than some preposterous ones." They'll gladly be your spokesperson if you want to. Well, they would, even without you asking for it. So this time, it's just a medium to promote these shoes that have already become so tired of being displayed behind the window that they've chosen to sit quietly at one of the corners of a rack, losing it's confidence with each passing day. They're almost about to regret the fact that they travelled all the way to Nepal to meet with the escalating desire of trend in the country. But not too long. Hopefully one day they'll meet their match and find a place they could call their home and realise the reason or the purpose to their existence in this world.
So please help these lonely ones find their best mates... an important thing to consider: they get along only with the small/tiny ones.

Where can you find them?
They're at the store just next to the Irish Bar. Unfortunately, I lost the card but thankfully this is the only store that's exactly near the bar. Therefore, I promise there won't be any confusion (only if you know where Irish Bar is). Now, please help yourself and make their day!
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