09 December, 2010

Amidst all the weirdness!

Question: Tell me, what do you get when you concoct Jay-Z, Robert Pattinson and Alexander Mcqueen altogether?
Answer: This post.
I've had the most weirdest days for some time. With early morning garbage collectors daily reminding me of the song 'Run this town' by Jay-Z featuring Rihanna and Kanye West, with their head-to-toe black ensemble, scarves covering 3/4th of their face and black caps. It's so amusing, I so badly want to have their pictures taken with the song as the caption every time I see them. Their shovels
could be the susbstitute for the torches in the music video and the rumble of their truck that loads their hard work could be their version of background music. Hah! Look at me taking my imaginative mind to the next level adding more weirdness to all the weirdness around me.
And humming the song or having it in my head throughout the day, I see a guy in a talk show that we organised who so closely resembled Robert Pattinson. He wasn't a local guy, a foreigner, most probably an American. As funny as it seems, I think he knows this because that evening, he was looking and wearing just like this. 
Well, well, please don't fall asleep yet. Let's leave all that aside now. Winter's been marking its presence deep into my skin lately. Chilly and windy in the morning, sunny and windy during the day time and back to the chilly-ness and the windy-ness in the evening. And to make it worse, the changing season gifted me a runny nose and an erratic sneeze during the oddest hours.
Anyways, last Saturday I was strolling along the stores and I came across these shoes at one of my favourite store, Envy (they have one of the best shoes and I've somehow started to feel that they're worth the price).  

These stilettos kind of reminded me of the late Alexander Mcqueen 's super-duper, out-of-this-world creative shoes. I know you must be like, "what's the resemblance?" That's my point. I think this is the furthest KTM could or can get. Let's be positive to the extreme and say there's a chance, there is still a chance.
You have also seen Lady Gaga walk in them in her music video, Bad Romance, and Demi Moore don them in Harper Bazaar's cover.


the-second-hands said...

eeeeeeee don't like the stilettos. lol.
loved reading this post, zo!

your..blog fan ;)

tenzing said...

Thank you! =D

Bonito said...

m so entertained!!!... you should've charged envy for the advertisement of shoes...love the shoes more than that love your blog..<3..december 19th eh??..;D

tenzing said...

thank u <3

mashutzogirl said...

need to

luking forward to ur update missponytail!!! :)*

the-second-hands said...

i totally agree with mashutzogirl :)
more updates please!!

tenzing said...

sorry girls. next update coming soon.

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