25 December, 2010

Let it snow!

I recently attended this Christmas Fair at the Grand Hyatt Regency organised by AWON . Apparently, it was the largest and the most successful one according to a participant whom I stumbled upon weeks after the fair. If I have to exagerrate, browsing through all the stalls, admiring the small but opulently decorated christmas tree, I cultivated a rare hope within me that it could snow that day. Even though it was all bright and sunny and warm.

Extremely cute desk cum pocket calenders. You can have them custom made as well with photos from your very own collection to add a personal touch.

Capricious felt slip-ons for your feet to survive through the chilly winter days.

Handmade water colour cards.

 Besides beautiful clothes, accessories and christmas cards and handy goodies, the fair also had some stall of some non-profit organisations to raise funds for their individual noble causes. One such stall was that of the KAT Centre  that works incessantly "to create within the Kathmandu Valley a rabies-free, non-breeding street/community dog population through an Animal Birth Control (ABC) program, which operates along the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for the management of stray dog populations." They were there with a hope to encourage the people to adopt street dogs with pictures for further acknowledgement that yes, street dogs can look as adorable as an apso or as grandeur as a German Shepherd.

One of the things I purchased. I've cut the skirt shorter just where the slit starts. Just before you could try and imagine me with a slit skirt.  


mashutzogirl said...

Following ur blog is always a pleasure!!!
:) keep going missyponytail!! <3

tenzing said...

thank u girl. see u soon =)

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