30 December, 2010

Tonight belongs to us

Woah, this day is finally here and the year is coming to an end. Few more hours and we'll be stepping into a whole brand new year and I'm kind of getting anxious as to what it has in store for me or will it be the other way around. I'm starting to get the gist of having control over things as somebody once said (not don't ask me who this somebody is, I've already heard and seen it at facebook already) the steering of the wheel of your life is in your hands and you could either turn left or right or go straight ahead. Where do you want to go? Um.. technically this very hour I want to go and enjoy the party that awaits all life embracing people tonight. Who wants to talk about serious stuff when everybody's sooo wanting to GET DRUNK and look HOT and DIFFERENT and SEXY and COOL.

Come to think of it, let's move on with that notion (steering, life, left or right) with one step at a time. Like tiny baby steps. And the first step would be deciding on what to wear while you bid the year 2010 a humble goodbye. No worrying about me but if you're still in a dilemma for tonight then here are a few items I saw while I was fashion-searching around town. Hopefully, I'm not too late for this.

This leopard printed fur is nothing like I saw in the stores. It's not too fluffy making you look like a bear in the name of fashion. I'm doubtful about the length but the pearl lining looks beautiful.   

All that glitters is stored for tonight.

Be mine, please! 

A personal favourite. I'm starting to develop an affinity for peasant clothing. You'll have to see a vintage dress I 'inherited' from my friend's granny's closet, that's until I post it which will be soon.
*The boots, the fur coat and the dress is from Red Cherry at Boudha and the clutch is from Bishal Bazaar, Ground floor.

I will be going to Heaven on earth at Malla Hotel organised by kgarira with Situ and a bunch of other friends.

Forgetting everything that's got to do with worry, let us all have a good time and celebrate life because tonight belongs to US and we deserve to it, every single bit of it.

Happy New Year! 


the-second-hands said...

Loved the post. Happy new year zo. Have fun with Situ and your friends.
Much love.

tenzing said...

thanks a ton yankey. We surely had fun. Happy new year!!!

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