04 December, 2010

Walk the talk!

I've been looking around lately hoping to discover something most haven't or wouldn't but to my surprise, I managed to actually re-discover what I'd seen a year back. It wasn't a pleasant surprise. It was one of those kind of surprises that didn't make you glad. I wasn't happy. I was saddened to see them right where I had seen so long ago. Do you know what they were? They were the lace up shoes. Unlike any other knock-off ones found throughout Kathmandu Valley, these are Italian made.

Something you can feel proud to own. Something that will narrate your choice. You won't even have to say, "This is my choice. I'd rather wear these beauties than some preposterous ones." They'll gladly be your spokesperson if you want to. Well, they would, even without you asking for it. So this time, it's just a medium to promote these shoes that have already become so tired of being displayed behind the window that they've chosen to sit quietly at one of the corners of a rack, losing it's confidence with each passing day. They're almost about to regret the fact that they travelled all the way to Nepal to meet with the escalating desire of trend in the country. But not too long. Hopefully one day they'll meet their match and find a place they could call their home and realise the reason or the purpose to their existence in this world.
So please help these lonely ones find their best mates... an important thing to consider: they get along only with the small/tiny ones.

Where can you find them?
They're at the store just next to the Irish Bar. Unfortunately, I lost the card but thankfully this is the only store that's exactly near the bar. Therefore, I promise there won't be any confusion (only if you know where Irish Bar is). Now, please help yourself and make their day!


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