02 January, 2011

Makes me wanna sizzle under the drizzle

This New Year's eve was one night I will remember for sure. The drizzle and the erratic weather made many to change their plans into a rather quite celebration but me and my ladies refused to pander to the weather God's mischievious tricks.
I shared with you earlier that I'd be going to the party 'Heaven on earth' at Hotel Malla organised by kgarira. And I did. More than the party, I was agog with curiosity about the fashion show by one of the rising designers in the country and also to see the short list of other events stocked for the night. "Whatever happens let's not miss the fashion show guys", I kept telling my friends even when I was trying to work my way through the heavily trafficked streets of Thamel. But much to my chagrin, the fashion show was not near to what I had imagined it would be. I feel really dejected to say this but it was a poorly choreographed show. The models seemed lost. I could see the designer gesture the models to make the next move from the corner of the stage. One of the anorexic models was so laid back that I wouldn't be surprised if she walked the ramp eating a bucket full of popcorn. Chewing a gum and beaming a smile to an acquaintance in the crowd, when she should be carrying the attitude of the show throughout till the last step, is a tad too disapppointing. It wouldn't have been a topic of discussion if the theme demanded such behavioural personality. Maybe there was a lack of time to prepare or maybe the crowd was too intimidating, let me think of some other reasons....
Anyways, the designs were not so bad but I won't say anything further than this as I couldn't see much because of the lack of enough lights. I firmly believe in 'seeing is believing' and I couldn't see clearly, really.
And then there was the fire-jugglers which was a torture to look at. I mean watching two men try to juggle bottles with the brim on fire and hurting themselves each time they miss a catch isn't my definition of entertainment. But we tried to enjoy it when they didn't miss. The bboying act was what I wanted to applauded at. Those kids should get a pat on their back for at least having a passion for something. I gave them a round of applause.
Those few minutes were such a bummer that we were deciding on hopping to another party but we in a way adhered our feet to the ground and gave the heaven another chance. Surprisingly, the second chance proved to be a boosting agent for it. So much that we could call it 'the' night to remember. I don't care what happened elsewhere at another venue, all I know is we had a blast. The crowd went berserk and everybody was literally capering at the whim of every beat of the music being played. There were some who went around kissing (on the cheeks) every girl he talked to and some having a hard time standing on their feet and some who just chose to view the dance floor from a distance and some who completely set themselves free of all the brooding.
Well, below are pictures of what I wore. I don't have proof so you'll just need to believe in my words. I wore a wooly, sober black long sleeved dress but with a snazzy beaded lining round the arms and going through the collar and kind of criss crossing to sides of the hips. While seeing the dress hang amidst all the other clothes, I had a fleeting conversation with it. "Wow! Will you fit me?". "No, you won't. But you might. You could." "Yes, I did!"
I could only laugh it off.


I've always strayed away from this color because throughout my life I've been telling myself that red was too garish for my taste but this time I breaked the ice with the colour. As this year was all about taking risks, gambling with the present for the future, I ended the year with a similar note. I made a step towards the colour and much to my horror there were a handful of people donning the same colour. Not like it is such a rare one but still.
Gifted by a friend years back.
* Dress from Pink at Durbar Marg; Peacock brooch from random store;Coat and suede peep-toe from Durbar Marg;  Hand accessory from Masala Beads, Thamel.


karsang gurung said...
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karsang gurung said...

wow !!! Choetso!!( well I was searching u as TsoTso the whole time on facebook) Shima told me that you have a blog and its a must read..so i hopped in to say yes wonderfully written and put together...seems like you have a great taste..ugh!! seriously I would never have worn that color( shoes) but the design accentuates well and I am sure you'd have donned it very fashionably...and yes yes!!! you have a very good writing style..and who knew you had it?? ... It came of a surprise for me..and yes I am really proud of you... Keep writing .
"You can only become of what you think you can "
bye tc

tenzing said...

Hey Karsang, thank you sooooo much for being so generous with your words. I'm glad that you loved my blog and thanks to Shima for letting you know about it. ANd thank you for following. Do keep hopping in for more posts and update =D
best regards

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