30 March, 2011

Magazines VS Webzines

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In order to justify the longevity of print, an editor of The Rising Nepal once said how portable a newspaper or a magazine is, and how it can be used by more than one person, how it will never be extinct because there is the internet to feed we hungry people. I couldn't agree more.

Print is not only easy to carry around and resourceful but it is also very reliable. Webzines have become so
convenient not to only access but to also create and this reduces its credibility and the reader's loyalty. I always believed that many technologies might come and go but nothing can replace print. It has been here for eons of generations and it will continue to remain for another eons of generations. Come to think of it, it is actually enhancing the glory of print.

And my belief was satisfactorily printed in words in Vogue last year by an advertising campaign 'The Power of Print' launched by five major magazine companies viz Charles H. Townsend, Condé Nast; Cathie Black, Hearst Magazines; Jack Griffin, Meredith Corporation; Ann Moore, Time Inc.; and Jann Wenner, Wenner Media to promote the vitality of magazines. With the rhetorical headlines and creative links, could anybody still argue about the prevalence of print? Not me!

25 March, 2011

Swing baby swing!

Summering summery summer... sum-mer

Here comes the heat, the laziness, another glass of water, endless amount of sunscreen and all the tension with the burning Sun. Summer has arrived. Somehow, it feels as if this year spring took a break from it's yearly routine and sent summer to do the honours instead. And boy, the season is making it's presence felt. I realised this sudden change of plans one evening when I ditched my sweat shirt and could handle my tees alone. Thank god my workplace is the most coolest place in town. But I've always loved summer although it comes with a few drawbacks for me: resting under the shade, complaining about the heat, the cool night-outs, those fancy umbrellas, longer days....

And one of the perfect places to be during summer, well, actually any season (besides monsoon) is Garden of Dreams. Last week, I was there with Dolkar admiring the place, taking pictures and laughing at each other. Wow, we sound like we got nothing to do.
And those trousers are going to be my best friend this season. It makes my skin sustain its calmness despite all the season's drama. Drama? Oh gosh drama.
Yoohoo, I need another glass of water, water please! 

22 March, 2011

19 March, 2011

Yet another happy day

This shirt that I purchased recently makes me happy for some odd reasons. Maybe it's the comfort, maybe it's the print or the style, but so far so good, I've been content with it. And add to it those wedges and my fringe tote (not pictured above, so please create an imaginery tote), it takes my heart into another place with flowers in my head 

A deep berry lip-stick is far better than any other stick on your lips. So guys, please take care of yourselves and stay out of trouble.

07 March, 2011

3rd day and I'm still greedy for more

Happy Rabbit Losar 2138 to everybody around the world celebrating. I know I'm posting and wishing you guys on the third day, purportedly the last day, of the festival. Sorry about that but again, historically speaking, losar ain't over yet? In Tibet, it lasts for weeks. And frankly speaking, I'm still in a holiday mood and feel that there is more celebration and good food awaiting me this entire week. Talk about being a little greedy; even lazy.
I had not decided if I was going to wear the traditional dress, Chupa, this losar. But my indecisiveness actually turned out to be a boon. All three days, I wore Chupa (thank God I have more than a pair). On the first day, I wore a Brocade one and on the second day, I wore a raw silk one with a satin Voonchuk (blouse) and on the third day when every Tibetan is expected to gather at Boudhanath for a couple of hours to toss Tsampa and greet each other 'Tashi Delek', I wore (picture above) my brocade a.k.a. goechen Chupa, with a pink Voonchuk and my mother's orange goechen jacket. I grew up seeing her wear the jacket and I was more than happy to say yes when she asked if I wanted to try it on. They made me feel a little superior actually. Wearing it with much dignity in all its glory.    

A little pop of color doesn't hurt at all.

04 March, 2011

Mark his work

Top from left to right: Polka dotted dress with a latex button-down shirt underneath, Organza ruffled top with pencil skirt, Rubber sheath dress, Yoked suede dress with suede gym bag, '40s inspired peplum top with long dotted skirt.
Below from left to right: Skirt studded with plastic cabochons, lace skirt, rubber gloves, vinyl beret with taut chin strap
Marc Jacobs really did bring something fresh during the recent New York fashion week. Rather than just taking some cue from so-and-so era, he actually tried to do something out of the box by playing with various fabric and texture. There were lots and lots of polka dots, latex button-down shirts, lace, 'rubber to look like sequins' dresses, cashmere taut chin straps for vinyl berets by Stephen Jones, patent leather and rubberized leather wedge heel snow boots, skirt studded with plastic cabochons, peplum tops, sheath dress. He had said, "I wanted something strict and severe." And with the vision you get his Fall Collection for 2011.

Jacobs has used Polka dots with such generosity and in such variation that you cannot help but agree that dots will rule the coming season. Come fall, people are going to speak in dotted code language and your time to start learning the language starts... right now. 

The new length. There couldn't be anyone as happy as I am to see them.
Top: The ubiquitious polka dots seen at the show.
Below: I'd like to call them the clean-cut look; the rubber wedge snow boots.
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