07 March, 2011

3rd day and I'm still greedy for more

Happy Rabbit Losar 2138 to everybody around the world celebrating. I know I'm posting and wishing you guys on the third day, purportedly the last day, of the festival. Sorry about that but again, historically speaking, losar ain't over yet? In Tibet, it lasts for weeks. And frankly speaking, I'm still in a holiday mood and feel that there is more celebration and good food awaiting me this entire week. Talk about being a little greedy; even lazy.
I had not decided if I was going to wear the traditional dress, Chupa, this losar. But my indecisiveness actually turned out to be a boon. All three days, I wore Chupa (thank God I have more than a pair). On the first day, I wore a Brocade one and on the second day, I wore a raw silk one with a satin Voonchuk (blouse) and on the third day when every Tibetan is expected to gather at Boudhanath for a couple of hours to toss Tsampa and greet each other 'Tashi Delek', I wore (picture above) my brocade a.k.a. goechen Chupa, with a pink Voonchuk and my mother's orange goechen jacket. I grew up seeing her wear the jacket and I was more than happy to say yes when she asked if I wanted to try it on. They made me feel a little superior actually. Wearing it with much dignity in all its glory.    

A little pop of color doesn't hurt at all.


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