02 April, 2011

Prabal Gurung's Fall Collection 2011 and teaming up with Koirala

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Prabal Gurung's Fall/Winter Collection 2011 was another applaudable show. It is believed that the people from the fashion world expected him to showcase another series of fitted gowns and dresses. But Prabal is not an obvious designer. Surely enough he surprised many by choosing to refer to Miss Havisham, Charles Dicken's protagonist in Great Expectations, as his muse for the collection. I think it is quite a challenge to take up as a designer to use a character out of a book as the main source of inspiration and sketch 40 designs based on that character.
The collection portrayed a sign of opulence with slight sheer Victorian collars and the virginal lace on a deconstructed white jacket and midi-skirts that kind of reminded me of old intricate railings; especially one that I saw in the movie Citizen Kane. But the collection was a bit more inclined towards a sultry Miss Havisham. 

Ironically, there were, not one Miss Havisham but, two of them this year. Marchesa had the same inspiration for their Fall/Winter Collection 2011. Undoubtedly there must've been a bit of a controversy and a (healthy) competition beween the two, I think.

Moving on!

Watch the full show!

There's no ignoring that Mr Prabal is from Kathmandu, Nepal. I love the fact that he does not act like a stranger or a foreigner to this country. Well, he's earning good Karma and lots of love (not jealousy) from the indeginous people back home. Everybody adores him.

A year ago, I met him at a press conference at Dwarika's Hotel . Everybody was dying to take a picture with him and so were we. But before all that I tried to speak to him about what was important to me then. And the one thing that completely shook my foundation of 'pretending to act normal' was when he mentioned having seen me somewhere. "You look familiar but I can't remember where I saw you before."
"???" My system shut down for a while, I did not know what to say. My head was pounding with questions. "Where did he see me?" What was I doing when he saw me?" "Was it when I was lazily strolling down Thamel's gullis?"

Ooohhh, I was totally bummed. But soon I got back on track and returned to the main topic after saying,"um, I don't know. Where did you see me?" Sometimes things don't always go as planned and the outside world plays a tricky game of Hide and seek with you. And that's history.
Moving on!

Few days back, Prabal Gurung was named the Goodwill Ambassador for Maiti Nepal working in tandem with CNN Hero of the Year Anuradha Koirala to fight against Human trafficking and sex slavery.
Kudos to Prabal who I think also promotes humility and maintains his dignity with the choices he makes and of course with the clothes he creates.
Read what he had to say here.

Pictures: Style.com
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Wanderer said...

Aww...acha, so sweet!!I loved the part'Where did he see me?What was i doing when he saw me?......'I'm falling in love with each word you use!!No kidding!!Great job!!! =)

Ponytail said...

thanks... i sound like m sucha loser. anyhoo i just went with it, lol. glad you like the posts =)

Sonam said...

i love the format of your writing. such fluidity, and deep thought. <3

Ponytail said...

thanks sonam for those comforting words =) hehe.

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