27 May, 2011

Newly cut

"To make up to my dilly-dallying, I'm doing two posts in a row. You're witnessing a very rare case here. Very rare case."

I'd been contemplating on having bangs... or fringe or whatever you call it (but I prefer bangs) since the last two months. Ya it took me that long to actually step into the parlour and ask for the cut. It would have been a lot easier to decide if it was something I could easily hide but it's not. If anything went wrong, there was very slim chances of me hiding it successfully. Nevertheless, without thinking too much, I went ahead and did the deed. I had imagined two extreme consequences: I'd either have a heartattack or I'd be full of vanity. Neither happened. Although there was a small trip up, things weren't as bad as I'd imagined it would be.

Last Friday we were at Reggae Bar and it was a freakingly awesome night. One of the best Friday nights I've ever had. I loved making my eyes travel through the patchwork fabric that worked as the ceiling. And the band, Plan B, totally killed it that night. The singer was out of control and brought the place back to life. Awesome awesome awesome!!!


I've been pretty quiet for the last two weeks or so. The last post was around the first week of May and now while I blog this post we're almost at the end of the month. Apologies on the absence and for procrastinating for so long.
Things have been pretty... ummm... strange with me since the last post. A whole lot of surprises kept falling on my lap that has kept me occupied, stopping me from thinking or writing or blogging. Some were motivating whilst some... not so. But the good news is I'm back on track and I'm feeling unusually rejuvenated. 
Dolkar and I were again at the Garden of Dreams recently. Yet another reason to take some shots, giggle and relax our senses. Both of us have been discussing about how good photography depends upon the tools of the photographer and not in her/his skills. Adding to that, how expensive a hobby or profession photography is. Nevertheless, I've been wrestling with the idea of having a DSLR camera that I could call my own. And with my humble Canon ixus not electronically capable of satisfying my escalating demands, I'm slowly succumbing to holding a professional camera.   
Well, for now I'll have to make do with what I've got and these pictures Dolkar took are what I have. I bought a pair of waterfall earrings couple of months ago. Completely in love with them, I only wear them, that too greedily, for 'special' occasions. It's long enough to sit on my shoulders which is the best part.

01 May, 2011

Khandoma's fashion sequence

After an appetizing and moreish dinner at Kakori, Soaltee Crowne Plaza, we walked with our satisfied stomach towards the hall where Khandoma was going to have a sequence at a fashion show that would wrap up Kailash Kher’s much talked about concert. We could hear him sing his famous songs at the concert which was only, only Rs 5k away. While we waited outside the hall for I-can’t-comprehend-what, Chocho Zikpo (dashing brother), Pema’s friend and also a fashion designer based in Paris, started with his funny gestures over small circumstances that kind of set the mood for me to feel at ease. Inside, the hall was pretty dingy and things seemed to be a little scattered (excuse my honesty). There was music thumping through the sound box and the models were having their last minute rehearsal hours before the show. Speaking of which, there were only two Nepali models viz Pallavi Dhakal and Prerana Shah Rana and the rest were all Indian models flown all the way from Mumbai or Delhi or Bangalore.
Well, the show didn’t start until late in the night. First it was said to start at nine thirty which extended to ten which stretched to ten thirty and then finally the show started around 11. While we waited for the show to commence, Pema and I couldn’t find anything to entertain ourselves but to ask each other when will the show start? And then I found one. The last sequence was a disguised promotion of Everest Beer... advertisers. The models were given plain white tees that had the name of the beer in the front and at the back and some were working on revamping the shirts (in order to stand out). But basically all they were doing was randomly cutting it. With nothing much to do, I asked Prerana if I could create something for hers. So this was what I did to the sleeves of her shirt. Soon after, it was known the show was going to start in fifteen minutes. And here begins all the commotion.
The models, who were once chilling, start to undress and before you know it they’ve already slipped into their designated attire and wait for Pema to arrange the style of the look. Pema quickly makes some adjustments here and there and once or twice she had to undo skirt altogether. All the ladies take a last minute admiration at their reflection (the makeup’s done hours before the rehearsal), stand in respective order of the line and as the music starts off they go one at a time.
(The following pictures are by Shahnawaz Mohammad  from ECS Media)

Net Kimono dress with Origami fold

The designs were very practical and minimalist like always. Her spring/summer collection had much to do with jersey wrap dresses of mid-length. Hence it was no surprise she added some dresses from the recent collection along with the likes of cropped linen jacket, raw silk half chupa, georgette maxi, handworked fringe skirt and cotton viscose mini dress with sheer net trimmings. There was one dress in particular that could not find its way into the show: a Han blue raw silk dress with teardrop linings in the middle. It was very elegant and classy and one of my favourites that night.

Handstitched cotton fringe dress with cropped cascade linen jacket
Knee-length Jersey dress with Kimono cut sleeve

Silk georgette with puff sleeve with Brocade skirt
Contemporary low rise half chupa with side pockets 

All in all, the show went smoothly as opposed to how we imagined during our first impression. I know Pema deserves more than just a sequence of a show but I’m not complaining because I believe she sold a handful of her dresses right after the show. Ka-ching!  
Now let's be hopeful for many more fashion shows that could flare the career of downright deserving designers.
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