27 May, 2011

Newly cut

"To make up to my dilly-dallying, I'm doing two posts in a row. You're witnessing a very rare case here. Very rare case."

I'd been contemplating on having bangs... or fringe or whatever you call it (but I prefer bangs) since the last two months. Ya it took me that long to actually step into the parlour and ask for the cut. It would have been a lot easier to decide if it was something I could easily hide but it's not. If anything went wrong, there was very slim chances of me hiding it successfully. Nevertheless, without thinking too much, I went ahead and did the deed. I had imagined two extreme consequences: I'd either have a heartattack or I'd be full of vanity. Neither happened. Although there was a small trip up, things weren't as bad as I'd imagined it would be.

Last Friday we were at Reggae Bar and it was a freakingly awesome night. One of the best Friday nights I've ever had. I loved making my eyes travel through the patchwork fabric that worked as the ceiling. And the band, Plan B, totally killed it that night. The singer was out of control and brought the place back to life. Awesome awesome awesome!!!


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