27 May, 2011


I've been pretty quiet for the last two weeks or so. The last post was around the first week of May and now while I blog this post we're almost at the end of the month. Apologies on the absence and for procrastinating for so long.
Things have been pretty... ummm... strange with me since the last post. A whole lot of surprises kept falling on my lap that has kept me occupied, stopping me from thinking or writing or blogging. Some were motivating whilst some... not so. But the good news is I'm back on track and I'm feeling unusually rejuvenated. 
Dolkar and I were again at the Garden of Dreams recently. Yet another reason to take some shots, giggle and relax our senses. Both of us have been discussing about how good photography depends upon the tools of the photographer and not in her/his skills. Adding to that, how expensive a hobby or profession photography is. Nevertheless, I've been wrestling with the idea of having a DSLR camera that I could call my own. And with my humble Canon ixus not electronically capable of satisfying my escalating demands, I'm slowly succumbing to holding a professional camera.   
Well, for now I'll have to make do with what I've got and these pictures Dolkar took are what I have. I bought a pair of waterfall earrings couple of months ago. Completely in love with them, I only wear them, that too greedily, for 'special' occasions. It's long enough to sit on my shoulders which is the best part.


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Loved it!!! (:

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