25 June, 2011

Lhemi with a DIY video!

I've been looking for somebody to guest blog and asked Lhemi to do the debut. All thanks to her, Ang Lhemi Sherpa is the blog's very first guest blogger with a DIY video which teaches me and you how to alter our own jeans.

Now the next time we go buy a pair of jeans, it won't involve another set of drama to have them resize to our length. As it is already a big enough trouble to find a pair to flatter the bod. And especially when we're in dire need of a brand new pair and can't wait for days to have them back, it is times like these that being a little skilfull with your hands comes handy.

Now let's watch the video as Lhemi shows us how easily we can do it without depending on a tailor. Enjoy!

Lhemi is currently living in Minnesota as a student. A self-taught seamstress, she says she 'loves to sew for fun'. The most interesting thing she told me is that she made a clone of one of Prabal Gurung's designs which I am eagerly waiting to see.  

17 June, 2011

Did you hear about the NEW THING?

The CFDA Swarovski Award winner announced few months ago that he'd be launching a resort collection this year which would further expand the label "Prabal Gurung".

On June 15th PG released the music video of his resortwear in collaboration with M.I.A protege Rye Rye, New Thing. The video plus the music is uber hip, full of energy (follow Rye Rye's steps, not to forget her attitude, uh-huh!) and most importantly, it is entirely inspired from the collection itself. "Everything from the repeating floral pattern to the LED light inspired by the graphic print on the shorts Rye Rye wears in the opening shot was taken directly from the collection," revealed PG.

What a smart move! It's all so justified.

Now, I can't wait for the beat to hit the clubs of KTM. Where are my dancing shoes? And all you ladies, roll up your sleeves we have a NEW THING coming through.
Oh well, but the only thing that gets me worrying is, I can't do it like Rye Rye. Better brush up on my dancing skills. Let's watch that video again... 

The collection is full of colour -- you can see florals, laser-cut polka dots, ribbon embroidery, hand-burnt sequins. It comes highly influenced from the portraits of artist George Condo and the works of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama who's popular for her obsession with repetition and accumulation and also for her trademark, the polka dots.

You can read the review of the collection and see it here. Below are some of the looks I liked.

I could get addicted to the pattern.


Rye Rye can be seen wearing this dress in the video


13 June, 2011

my heart's an ice-cream

It was a busy week for me last week and it looks like it will continue to be this following week as well. And while I update the blog with this post, I must confess it took me two nights to post this post for real as I'd be half asleep in between of tweaking the pictures. Truth be told, I feel a little sleep deprived -- late nights followed by early rise and then work. I know this does not sound healthy at all but it seems like my body has started to adapt to the new hours of it's rest and unrest.
Anyways, my heart's always on small things that I can't resist to possess. Be it small accessories or decors or just about anything to melt the heart. It sounds like my heart's an ice-cream, cold but ready to melt, potential of being warm enough when the situation arises. 
Top to bottom: Incense; Soap case; Mary-Kate and Ashley's Pomegranate Lip Balm; a picture from L'officiel Magazine; the cover of L'officiel; Chanel Iman and Karlie Kloss in an advertisement in Vogue
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