07 July, 2011

ECS Living 1

It feels great to be appreciated and recognised for the effort that you put into a project and it feels different to be selected as "'the' 50 chosen ones from different walks of life". 
And I was made to feel different when featured as a blogger alongside another blogger Jwalanta Shrestha in the Feb-March Issue of ECS Living . The magazine was celebrating its 50th Issue hence the number 50.  

The Cover

Most of them listed have been dabbling in their individual business for quite some time and I felt privileged to have been listed amongst them. There were artists from films & theatre, art, media, music, fashion, photography, and sportspersons, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and philanthropists. 
The first line of the page that opened the pages for the 50 people, I think, justified each listed individual's existence: "Of the 50 we feature - some rightfully reserved a seat for their individual endeavor, some for their business acumen, some for their sheer talent, some for the fact that they are hugely successful and also equally talented, and some for the bright future that awaits them and the promises they hold." I know the last description points directly at me saying, "that's you my dear." I hope I can live up to that expectation. 

And how can I forget to thank... the magazine (of course), and Nivida Lamichhane and Poonam Maharjan. Check out their blogs, you will enjoy what they have to share.

Thank you to all my followers, the people who respect hard work and everyone who keep coming back to the blog ascending my stats. 


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