07 July, 2011

ECS Living 2

How lucky can I get? Recently, I was yet again featured in ECS Living as a blogger. With the blogger and fashion culture slowly surfacing in the valley, the magazine heeded on the developing interest. Thus, the issue  was focusing on fashion bloggers this time. And I was particularly elated by how Ujeena Rana, the Assistant Editor for Living, put it in words when she sent me the questions for the feature which I won't disclose as I choose to remain humble and modest, haha.   
Thank you Ujeena!

Donga took the picture for me. It was me, her and Acha Lhamo at Bhrikuti Mandap taking pictures. We couldn't stop laughing during the entire session and it was hard to tell whether we were amusing people or being amused at Kathmandu's only amusement park. Not that we were doing anything to be a laughing stalk but with Acha Lhamo incessantly calling my name and asking me to "smile, smile, smile" and with my smile getting wider and cheeks turning chubbier, nobody could dare ignore us. 
Forging to get a decent profile, we settled with this one and another one as a backup plan. Did I just write that word? Wow, that sounded real serious. And also as we were almost through, it started to drizzle and before we know, it was teeming with rain.

The Cover by Kishor Kayastha
 Thank you Living, Donga and Acha Lhamo!


A Wanderer said...

our morto is getting famous day by day.. oink oink!!
long long..bery bery long way to go~! :) and I see you up there.. LoL

<3 <3

TENZIN said...

that's awesome, congrats:)

the-second-hands said...

Congratulationssssssss zo!!! :)

lhamo Mashutzo said...

i look Pretty when u Smile Tenzing...
so Again i am saying Smile! :)))))

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