18 August, 2011

with the shooting star

To begin with, it was from facebook that I got to know of Nawang Tara Ghale. At her page's first glance, I found her to be a little mysterious: a girl from Nepal living in Norway taking all these beautiful pictures in the snowin the woodsin her room. Mostly experimenting with photoshop, her works were very fresh as opposed to many professional ones here in Kathmandu where many lack creativity whilst some don’t know when and where to stop. Look at more of her photography in her flickr as well. 

We met a couple of times while she was here on her vacation, and like how she likes to put it “it felt like we’ve been friends for a long time”. And now both of us wished that we’d met more than we actually did. Blame it on our working schedules. (She did a short stint in Wave Magazine during her three months stay in Nepal.)  

Nawang took the above pictures. We wanted to do something together and since both of us are SUCH active bloggers, we thought that doing something around this idea would be the best option. So there we were at OR2K shifting the tables, looking for the best spot. I’m aware of the fact that I’m the worst person to be in front of a camera; I can never be myself when I’m asked to strike a pose. But it all comes down to a point where it depends on how comfortable I am with the one holding the camera and how she/he can bring me at ease. It was tiresome and I re-discovered that I like to belong behind the camera. Why am I even mentioning this at all?   

It was great knowing Nawang. She's one of the many awesome people I met this summer. It always feels good to meet like-minded people with whom you can actually share your thoughts. She says she'll be back after two years. Now two years is a long time but I look forward to meeting her again and hanging out more with her. 

The same day: 

Deepesh Shahi. 

Bikash Rai. You can call him Rai.

While she was here: 
The current issue of Wave.

The inside pictures are awesome. 

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