18 September, 2011

chapter anew

Lately, I haven't had much time to do what I'd normally get to do; browsing through websites and blogs and jumping from one URL to the other, blogging a little about what I saw and did and heard and felt, making time for window shopping. Well, I wouldn't complain much because I traded all these leisure time for a whole lot of work. 
Most of you who know me already have guessed what I'm hinting at. Yes, I've switched jobs. It would've been a forgone conclusion to say to no to the offer. After contemplating and weighing on few matters here and there, I joined ECS Living and it's been more than a month that I've been working 9 to 5, 6 days a week. I'm content with how things are going, so far so good. 

When I joined, the magazine was going to start it's next project on a 300+ pages. Correction: When I joined, we were going to start on our next project on the 300+ pages. After forging relentlessly to meet the deadlines, we turned our long list of planner and things-to-do into a real magazine. When the first few samples arrived, there was a whole lot of commotion circulating around the office. We flipped through and through and  it wouldn't end (exaggeration to be noted). But honestly, it is bulky. And for the record, this is the first time ever that a Nepali magazine has ever come up with such a magazine, I refer to the number of pages.  
Besides coordinating the contents, I've worked mostly on the fashion sections. The pages illustrate street fashion from Paris, Milan, New York, London and Bangkok (The Global Trend), Nuzhat Qazi's bridal collection (Testing new waters), an Italian woman's love for fashion (The Italian Job), Sarita Chamling Rai's fashion show (and 'The Show' ends) and Kishor Kayastha's  fashion spread (Arty Fashion). 
These are only the contents on fashion.  

The Cover
It is this thick, if I need to emphasise more!
My space. My moodboard.


A couple of weeks ago, I went for a short film movie screening at Docskool  with Acha Lhamo where my friend Pranaya Rana's  fiction movie, Watcher, was being screened. It was a 'thought-provoking' movie. It starts as a simple, plain movie but as it procedes towards the end it really makes your mind rewind and think over what happened in the beginning, how it got to the end and what to make out of the concluding scene. Each person would have their different perspective on the movie especially the bit part in the end. I was most preferably impressed by the post-production works of the movie. There is a smooth continuity about Watchers.
The other movie they screened was Forgive, Forget Not by Pranay Limbu. A non-fiction movie based on the real life atrocities caused upon Bhaikaji Ghimire, a journalist who was accused of being a maoist and detained and blindfolded for 15 months. Pranay has done the camerawork in a way to project what the eyes of the accused saw. And with that and the sound effects, throughout the movie he manages to create a dramatic tension. It brings you closer to Bhaikaji's trauma - the pain and frustration. It would be demeaning for the protagonist to say that we can feel what he must've been through because during such gruesome and trying times noone can best describe and know the feeling than the bearer himself. It's a must, must watch for every single Nepali. 
Apart from the movies, I absolutely loved how the people at Docskool have used the small space of two rooms. One at the top floor is not even a room, it's an area between the staircase and the balcony.
Lokta paper used as wallpaper. They've tried a checkerboard pattern to it.

The three rows of bench were all of different heights arranged in an ascending order so that everybody could 'see' what they were watching.
...and comes the Friday nights

Taboo at E.P. on Friday nights... 
...and Boudha's delicious potato sticks. 5 sticks and still greedy for more. Needless to say, I have a huge appetite. 


lhamo Mashutzo said...

Finally, i see you here at ur own place! (ponytail)
lovely to see ur place at ur Office hehe coz we cant get in without permission ra? lol

Practical dreamer said...

Acha,I envy your moodboard!!!! :P Yea, you really have a HUGE appetite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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