05 December, 2011

quiz 101

Sometime around June I think, my friend Yankey from New York and I decided to do a little contest thingy through my blog. Yankey was generous enough to help me out with it in whatever way she could. When she said that I couldn't have asked for anything more from her. 
Finally after six months of talking about it, I've come down to getting this small project started for real. Pardon the procrastination. This is just a start. Depending on the response, we intend to make it a monthly ritual.

So here's the deal. Below you will see two collages. The first one's for participants living in Kathmandu and the second one's for participants living in New York (ahem ahem... we're going kinda international, you see). 

The question: Each picture is a collage of three runway photos. Under each runway photo you will see the name of the designer/brand that the runway photo belongs to. Three designers' names are wrongly written. One from the first collage and two from the second collage. You will have to find out which one is wrongly written in the first collage and which one is correctly written in the second collage. 

If you're from Kathmandu, name the mistaken designer/brand from the first collage. If you're from New York, name the correct designer/brand from the second collage. 

For Kathmanduites   

For New Yorkers

                                                                       The Catch: 

                   The winner from Kathmandu will win this necklace that I bought from Masala Beads. 

                               The winner from New York will win this red handbag from Yankey. 

Rules to participating: 
  1. To be an eligible candidate to win this contest, you will have to follow the blog. You can follow either through your blog (if you have one) or through networkedblogs which works through facebook. Both the boxes to follow my blog can be found at the right side of the blog. 
  2. To avoid any confusion, let's create a format to answering the questions: 
  • If you are a participant from Kathmandu and think the first photo from the first collage is the answer, type 'Kathmandu: ACNE' in the comment box and click on 'Post comment'. 
  • If you are a participant from New York and think the first photo from the first collage is the answer, type 'New York: LANVIN' in the comment box and click on 'Post comment'.
  • Many people think that one needs to own a blog in order to post a comment in a blog. If you do not have a blog, right below the comment box you will see a smaller box where you can actually choose your medium. Click on the downward arrow and select your preferred medium. If you want to comment through your e-mail id, select 'OpenID'.   

Yankey and I decided to do this to have some fun. And we'd like to invite everybody to participate and enjoy this with us. Please participate. You never know, you might just win!

Good Luck!


Tamding said...

New York: LANVIN.

tina.b said...

Lanvin (new york)

Practical dreamer said...


kenzom said...

new york : lanvin

Sanna said...

Kathmandu : Miu Miu.
I suck at brands.Just a guess.

Lyosha said...

nice items! love the bag!

Inside and Outside Blog

Nikhil Kuruganti said...

Interesting article i also suggest that you have a look at the article Brand Quiz

willg said...

Love the pics, I wonder why girls wallets aren't more prevalent in fashion?

Izzy said...

This is fab! Love love it. Love the New Yorker. Would be great if you could visit back! Izzy xo

lhamo Mashutzo said...

kathmandu : miumiu

dongala (wanderer) said...

Bebe: kathmandu :D

keep in touch with fashion said...

I really love miu miu, lanvin and balenciaga stile!! gret post!
take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other? (also on facebook!)
http://keepintouchwithfashion.blogspot.com/ have a wonderful day… keep in touch

The Sparklade Av. said...

Lanvin : new york (I am an occasional New Yorker :-)

lhantse said...

your blog keeps me informed about the fashion scene in nepal and more. Its always great to connect with Tibetans or Neplali bloggers. will appreciate your feedbacks on mine.

Rasana said...

Kathmandu : BEBE :)

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