23 January, 2012

hello good 'ol ktm

hello readers,
How've you been? I know it's been long since I last wrote a proper post and the last one was not an actual update.
I had gone on a short trip to India to attend the Kalachakra and was in a state of perpetual motion before I left. And so I haven't really had the time for anything leisurely. While the time to leave was almost nearing I had some assignments from work that were pending. I had to leave for India at 7 pm and I was still working on my laptop at 6. And thanks to the unbelievable hours of loadshedding, the power cuts off just as I was almost completing my work and I had to run after the power at a cybercafe nearby my hometown that was running under a generator. Sheer misery! I nearly had a nervous breakdown. By the time I finished my work and by 7, I was so so thankful that I'd be away from this country even if it was for two weeks only. So much with lamenting and brooding about the power cuts.

My trip to Bodhgaya went exceptionally well. Though there were a few hiccups before we actually settled down at a decent place. The thing was, we had a trustworthy person who had managed accommodation for us and all we had to take care of was the other necessities. Turns out that that trustworthy person was not to be trusted anymore. While we got to India, we had to find accommodations for ourselves. It was a series of hopping from one place to another until we finally found a good place to stay in. The first space didn't work out well and at around 9 or 10 pm we had to shift to another space. And just when we were packing our luggage to leave, it starts to rain. Wait let me be very descriptive: it was a downpour. Thankfully and surprisingly, the Bihari rickshaw wala was a very nice guy. During such a crucial time, he waited for us in that downpour as we brought our luggage one after the other and covered it with a sheet of plastic for protection against the rain. Right then I thought of him as our savior, someone sent by the Gods to help us helpless people. And the most shocking part was he did not take money from us!!! 
The next morning we realised the space was too small and we shifted to another space. Thank God, the third time was the last time and we finally stayed put. And don't get me started on our landlord and the funny people living in that building, if I do it's going to be an endless story. All of them were quite an entertainment and there are amusing stuff to tell you about them but I'll save it for some other time.

After all that commotion came to an end, I made way for one of the best days of my life. During those days I got a chance to fully celebrate my culture, my religion and my idol without any riot cops putting a stop to it. But there in India, there were policemen not to halt the initiation but to secure the crowd from any mishappenings. How I wished it was the same in Nepal. I don't even see that happening in my dreams. Sadness.

I'll never forget that 6th of July at Kupondol when I was stopped by the riot cops from attending one of the Tibetan community's radical celebrations: the Dalai Lama's birthday at Jawalakhel. All that steering around I had to do around the city to get there. Literally all the roads to Jawalakhel were blocked for us Tibetans and even the people on the road who saw me in my Chupa shouted, "they're not letting your people through. You will need to take a U-turn from here. Return home!" I could not measure my emotions then. By hook or crook I had to get there and eventually I got there anyhow. (I won't disclose how I got there though.) 
Anyways, so much with dirty politics.

By the way Happy New Year to all of you. During New Year eve, I was having dinner and somewhere nearby people were celebrating the night setting off a lot of fireworks in the air that spluttered in Bihari wind.

When I returned home from India at 3 am on a Saturday, I was very pleased to see my two dogs at the gate waiting for me. And I felt immensely touched when I saw them all teary eyed. That's Noyang. She wasn't born a healthy pup. She had boils all over her tiny body and I still remember how I had regularly applied ointments to beat the boils. Initially I'd thought it was impossible for her to survive but I still persisted. Slowly and gradually her boils went away and she grew into a very healthy dog. Every day when I leave for work she's there to bid me goodbye and whenever I return home she's always there, sitting at the landing or at the door waiting for me =) I miss her mother a lot who was also a very loyal dog who'd never allow any strangers to get inside our territory.

This one's from last year at my previous workplace. 

My silver earrings I bought a couple of months ago. I wore them in India throughout the trip. Now it has become a little holy from the pilgrimage. Do I have to mention I was only kidding? 

More posts coming soon, for tonight I think this much will suffice for this post. 


lhantse said...

Seems like you had an eventful trip. nice share ! but at the end its all worth it. sometimes you feel like you are crying to deaf ears with issues like this. but we all can hope and move forward.

By Tenzin Y. said...

I heard about the pouring rain situation during kalachakra. I'm glad you made it safe :) I wish I came for the blessings! Next kalachakra I shall await for.

Bty, beautiful earings :)

Ponytail said...

Lhantse - trust me, i faced something much more worse that this.
Tenzin Y - Please do go for the next Kalachakra. It's a whole new experience and don't forget to take a radio with you to listen to the translated version.

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