08 February, 2012

...and that's a wrap!

While in India, what I missed most about Nepal was the food. There is nothing like the food you've been eating throughout your life. And there is no replacing a plate of Nepali Thali. I was a big time Dal-bhat fan ever since I learnt to chew and I've devoured it throughout my life. 

More often than not, good food is what makes life much more fun and serves as a great reason to meet with friends and go out and have a good laugh over the silly things in life. You won't believe this but few years back  I used to deem food as a burden. I'd think to myself why people need to eat. I'd suggest that there shouldn't be a feeling such as hunger; without hunger there would be no urge to eat, no food. And then I met friends who were foodies and who loved the idea of indulging in tasteful food. Their indulgence rubbed off on me and now I'm a proud foodie too. Whatever you got just bring it on the table, I'm your lady! 

These sets of photos come from that evening when I went to grab a wrap of Falafel with my friends at Thamel but I don't have any photos to share. That's a shame! 

And it happens to be a Dragon year this year. Bought these grotesque earrings from India.  
Say hello to my new boots from Envy. I love every little detail of it. It helps that it's super comfy!

Photos by Sagar Chitrakar
I will soon be coming up with the second edition of the monthly quiz so do look forward to participating. Yankey and I have more great prizes to give away =) 

Tomorrow's going to be a great Friday for me and I'll update all of you on the evening.
Till then, happy Thursday!


lhamo Mashutzo said...

looking zemma zemma, someone didn't inform me about having falafel :(..

NFB said...

outfit post after effin long period!!!
would have been great if only cud see ur shoes *clearer*

love the pictures!
go morto go! :)

Ponytail said...

Acha, It happened impromtu, we didnt plan it. We will go for something better soon =]

Ponytail said...

Morto you will have to do the honors =]

Rasana said...

m in lurvvvv wid your earrings!! :D

Style Incognito said...

The earrings cute!


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