27 February, 2012

The winners!

Sorry for the delay but Happy Losar everybody! The past few days have been pretty exciting for me. I'm apparently in a state of an uptight time-frame within which I need to meet a whole lot of targets. It's crazy but I'm still surviving.

To announce the winners for my second edition of the so-called monthly contest, I had previously planned on capturing the procedure with a video clip so that all of you and the participants know that everything is done fairly without me being bias. Please take note that my personal relationships with the people who've participated has nothing to do with them winning or not winning. But unfortunately, because of the very less time that I have with me I couldn't possibly sit down and do this. And already I was lagging behind so much that I could not afford to stretch it any further.

Anyhoo, so the response has been wonderful. As if all of you took heed to my qualms about very less Kathmanduites participating, this time it was you guys from KTM who took the most effort to get that handbag. Thank you guys. You guys were great!   

The winners! 

Since there was only one participant from NY who took part in the contest and also answered the question correctly, we have a clear winner and that's Sonam. Congratulations, you win the lovely button-down sweater. Please contact Yankey through facebook to claim your prize. 

There were four participants from KTM and all of them gave me the right answer. Yes it is Chanel 2.55 and I'd love to own this classic bag one day, one fine day.
I made four chits for the four participants, folded them and laid them between my palms and asked my dad to pick one. He chose the one on which I'd written Ujeena Rana.
Congratulations, you win the bag! 

I hope all of you had fun being a part of this contest. I did. Thank you for being so excited about it and thank you for encouraging others to take part in it.

See you in the next contest, until then stay happy and live life to the fullest! 


dongala (wanderer) said...

no fair..
iDidn't win! :P

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