31 March, 2012

Just a little incomplete

After dinner with a friend; at the Station
At David Brown's farm, Old Saybrook: beautiful place to be. 

It's been exactly ten days that I've been here in New York and it has been an amazing ten days for me. There were so many people to meet, so many years of catching up to do, so many places to go to, tons of stores to visit, things to buy. Slowly and steadily my list of things to do is being ticked off and as the objectives are being accomplished I'm starting feel more and more distant from home. It was a rather strange feeling for me. Since the day I left home, since the day I bid goodbye to Nepal I did not feel a flick of sadness or emotional burst of tears fall down my eyes. I was merrily waving back at the people back home not knowing when I'd see them the next time. When I landed in America, I was so engrossed in meeting friends and family and scheduling my time with them, I never had the time to miss home. I felt a little numb. Today all that changed.
After having dinner with three of my school friends at Jackson Height we walked down to one of the stores (I had to buy some calling cards to call home). I was talking over the phone and unconsciously I asked the storekeeper in Nepali how much. And suddenly I missed conversing in Nepali. This encounter concluded in my head when I was going back home afterwards. It was a long way back, 45 mins or more. A lot of time for me to think. I wanted to talk in Nepali, sing a Nepali song, crack obvious Nepali jokes and laugh over it. I realized how much of a Nepali I had become in the last couple of years. I realized how badly I missed my Nepali friends; hanging out with them and talking je pai tei kura with then, acting all silly in our own Nepali ways. Aah! I miss home, I miss Nepal.

(This post was written while I was in the subway, on my way back home. It was a momentary train of thought. I don't mean to sound very depressing with this post but this is what I want to post for now. There are more to share and upload, I'm only waiting for a bevy of photos from my friend back home and for some quality time to cater to you. So please bear with me at the moment.)


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