31 March, 2012

Lhaphing all the way

I was at Delhi few weeks ago and I indulged a little too much in spicy Tibetan delicacy, Laphing. They were sold at the allies of Majnu ka Tila (MT)where I stayed. The place I always chose to eat, the lady I think starts off from late morning and by early evening she's sold all of her Laphing. The place is always packed with people and the small space and the limited tiny chairs makes it look all the more crowded. And also since it's flanked at one side of the ally, you just can't resist chewing a bowl (or two). Not that the taste was the greatest I've tasted but I ate only to remember home and get the feel of Boudha but it's quite difficult to get the feeling. There is no comparison! The Lhaphing found around Boudha, which I've grown devouring, is unlike any Lhaping anywhere. Maybe my tastebuds have adapted to the taste and people who've grown eating the ones at MT would like to differ to my opinions. But for the moment, I made do with what I was offered and how far my hands could reach. I loved it anyways! 
MT, that's the place where almost every Tibetan reside and whoever makes a visit to Delhi, MT is the place to stay at; there is no other place as an option other than MT. For a fact, MT is Delhi and Delhi is MT for us Tibetans you see. 

Modernised Lhaphing, very Sushi-ish. Chop, Chop, Chop!
Bowl it! 

The traditional style
We get them in loafs but in MT she had them flat and straightened it on the board to chop them.
It's incomplete without the spice. You can ask for as much as you want. 
If you like it dry without the sauce.
She calls it The 'wet' Lhaphing. I chose both that day. 
Done and over with! 


lhamo Mashutzo said...

Yum yum,
Finally a post from our Miss Ponytail....
I remember having Laphing in Mt and its good but i love the Laphing here in Boudha,
Time to Taste MT ki Laphing,
will do soon when i visit there~

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