08 March, 2012

older but wiser

During Dolkaa's birthday, Acha Lhamo crowning me the birthday girl's tiara.

Birthdays are always exciting especially because it involves cakes, candles and gifts. This holds true mostly in two cases: when it's someone else's birthday or you're not too old to hold a knife and face a bunch of people singing happy birthday to you with their slow motion clapping hands. I still do get excited about my birthday but the excitement lessens as the years pass by, as the candles on the cake adds on., as I can no longer afford to devour on cakes like a careless little kid and as I get less and less gifts because people tend to think a girl like me does not need gifts (is it because holding a job they think I can get whatever  I want and there's possibly nothing I'd want on my birthday? I don't know, I still don't know, haha).Not that I'm depressed about the increasing age, that's not a problem for me at all. I do think about it at times, with my friends and cousins but deep inside, I know that I've learnt so much everyday. I've always utilised my time in the best way possible. It's a different thing that I won't be graduating at the appropriate age and that I've missed many years of collegehood when I was younger. But hey, I've come out of my comfort zone and explored my prospective career and stretched my arms as wide as I can and come this far. All of which I wouldn't have done/known if I had spent most of my time sitting on a chair, with a book in front of me and a teacher teaching me how to go about things. I see and know many a people who grow older yet maturity still doesn't hit their brains. Clinging onto petty issues, whining and complaining about tiny matters. Many girls tend to see aging as a problem and even whine about their monthly cycle but that's not me. That's what makes us different from the ones who're immature and naive, that's what makes us women and not men, right? But some tend to not grow up but only grow old. I must've been naive when I was younger but never immature. By far, for the past few years I think I've gained the maximum amount of knowledge, wisdom and experience I've gained in my life. On a professional level, I've worked with the best team, the worst bosses, the sliest of colleagues, the most impossible people, the sweetest of writers, the most understanding boss, the funniest of people, the lazy bums and the most hardworking and the most quite co-workers. On a personal level, I've met many people; many with whom I can talk about anything under the sun, some with whom I can act like the silliest person he/she could ever meet and still not judge on me, few with whom I share a telepathic bond and one with whom I see a future. Because of all this, I know that I've got nothing to regret. I've held onto every single opportunity life threw at me and gave it my best shot and I'm content. 

I don't know what the future holds for me this year but with how the year has started I anticipate something to look forward to; something that could change the course of my life, what I've been waiting for all this while, all these years of perseverance and determination. Ahhh... so much seriousness.
(Though very late in posting) My birthday is on the 19th of December and I celebrated the day last year with my very good friends. It's always hard to manage your time during times like these when you want to be with everybody you care about and especially when you want to give your full attention to every single one of them. I have diverse groups of friends and every group is unique in their own ways. It helped that that day was a bandh. The day was spent with my friends from my hometown and we had another trailblazing day to remember. Whenever I go through the photos from that day, it never fails to bring tears in my eyes of laughing too hard for too long. We had a huge cake fight at Saturday Cafe and that was the second cake fight I've had so far on my birthday. 2011's is the most memorable one till date. There was Dolkaa, Acha (sis) Lhamo, Sagar, Dorjee and Tsering. Tsering bought the cake for me but left before the real deal could start. You missed all the fun, Tsering. By the way, my friend Tsering is currently travelling around India and I can't keep track of the places he's going these past few months and the interesting part is that he and a bunch of his friends have started this non-profit organization called Believers a couple of years ago and they're doing pretty good. To know more, go to their Facebook page and try and help them in whatever ways you can. Spread the goodness around, it'll do you good. 

That's not me!
Lunch at Garden Kitchen. I won't forget the dinner I had there on 2nd March =)


By Tenzin Y. said...

Happy belated birthday. December 19 is also my sister's birthday - what coincidence! Beautiful pics. May coming years fill you w/ loads of happiness and good health :)

dongala (wanderer) said...


these pictures did bring back all those times we shared!!
will defo miss u tons!!

<3 <3

lhamo Mashutzo said...

2nd of march, mmmm am i forgetting something here!
Tenzing zema, i just love the flow of ur writing, and this is the 1st time i am saying i guess, so write more of ur own views,
loving it,
you are growing wiser for sure!

lhantse said...

Happy birthday girl....tht cake looks delish.

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