05 April, 2012

Flowers in my head!

The weather in NYC is so erratic that although the sun is mostly shining high up in the sky, the harsh wind spoils all the fun and takes away all the warmth and fun. And even though Spring officially began some weeks back, it was still so cold and windy and there's no way you could go anywhere without a jacket or a scarf hanging from your shoulders. Thankfully, the past few days have been blissful in NYC. Since this week, the wind has been a little sweet on us and took some days off. It was sunny and warm and less windy. 
To make the most of it, my friend Sumit and I took to the greener pastures and went off to Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It is such a beautiful place. It gave me a different outlook towards New York, the concrete jungle where all I had been seeing people hurriedly walking to God-knows-where, most of them carrying shopping bags from Macy's, Sephora, Aldo and Jimmy Choo. I fell in love with the place instantly, the only missing element was a picnic basket, a bright sheet of cloth to lie under one of the trees and munch on some sandwiches or anything delicious. 
We walked and walked and took a bunch of photos. I guess both of us had a mutual feeling towards the place. I felt at home (not that Nepal has any place similar to it) and Sumit couldn't stop pointing at flowers and trees and inform me how such and such were also found at his hometown. The next time I plan to go to BBG with him, I'll make sure I've educated myself a little on this field because he seems to know a lot about flowers like how he knows a lot about many other subjects. 

My hexagonal mini-bag from a thrift store at Sunnyside, Gifted. I adore them!

Some exotic flower. Forgot the name but I reckon it's super-duper expensive like the rest of the zillion of plants. 
Bonsai art which is some 800 years old. 

After our tour around BBG, we got excruciatingly hungry and went to Herald Square to binge on a Falafel wrap and bite a slice of pizza at Pronto. That hour, a very small part of Macy's had caught fire and one side of the street was blocked so we had to walk around the Macy's to search for much needed food. We NEEDED food!!! 
We even went to look at Macy's flower show. Boy, it was a day for nature, I tell you. So we walked inside the make-shift show and walked through the walkway flanked by more and more exotic flowers. The colours were ssooo rich, the leaves so shiny and green it almost looked fake. Beautiful it was! 



Sumit said...

But of course, you didn't mention your disappointment at the vegetarian falafel and the upset tummies at Pronto?
Anywho, I love it.

Rhea Pradhan said...

i love your glasses <3

Sanna said...

Welcome to the united states !

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