31 May, 2012

Come shine on me

H&M shades, Topshop  embellished jacket, J Crew handbag, H&M pleated dress

It was boiling hot that day but still I chose to wear black. I didn't want neon or some bright summer colours, I just wanted to wear black although my moodboard says pastels and beige and whites. I saved all the space for any amount of colour for my embellished Topshop jacket. It has some beadwork on the shoulders working like an armor and wearing other shades of bright apparels would forbid them from attaining the spotlight they deserve. Hence, the darkness.  
It was a black tourist day. I say tourist because one of my loved ones from Nepal was visiting and my friend and I were showing her around NYC. We were at Times Square - the tourist hub, Rockefeller Center, Pronto and H&M. 

And my J. Crew handbag. A gift from a family member. I'm a die-hard fan of small handbags. Although I can't fit in all my necessities in them while I'm out, this size has never stopped me from wanting them. Irresistible. So pretty. You will be seeing more of it in other posts to come. 

Rockefeller Center: The more I look at this statue, the more I think it's dope.

Red says, "Meow!"

22 May, 2012

Rain and shower all day long.

Pleated dress from H&M, Polka dots cutaway top from Daffy's
No dangerous curves here; at least not that day. 

I've been amusing my friends how the weather in New York is so inconsistent. It's living all the four seasons of the year in one-go; the weatherman seems to be one of the most important person. 
One fine sunny day you have a banana boat sundae and the next day you're all cooped up in bed, watching documentaries with showers pouring down the city all day. 

Anyways, these are a couple of photos I took recently. I'd been looking for a pleated skirt for quite some time now and I found one to suit my likings in various ways at H&M. I thought it was black but when I wore it and took some photos with the flash on, I was surprised to see that it is actually a very dark blue. Not complaining. So I'm gearing up for summer which seems to be playing hide and seek with us. We'll catch it soon and soon we'll fall headfirst for cooler days to come. That's how most people are, including me. We always forget to cherish what we're given. 

Well, let's all enjoy the rain while it lasts knowing that the showers will soon plummet so that we can look at the sunny blue sky through summer's hottest shades.
Have a great day! 

16 May, 2012

Bring on the colors of the season

Few days back, I spent half of my entire day drooling over the Spring/Summer collection for 2012. It would have been impossible to look at all the collections of all designers in one day so I only chose a selected few, my personal favorites to keep up with what the designers have foreseen/dictated this year's hottest months to look like at the fashion arena. Since I've been having some leisure time to spare for myself, I managed to look through the slides. This time, unlike most of the time, I skipped the runway review by Tim Blanks although it was difficult not to read what he had to write while looking at the photos. If I did what I usually do, it'd have taken me days to come to this post. 

So that's my moodboard for Summer 2012 and below are the outfits from some of the designers that I really preferred from their very preferable collection of outfits. 

J. Crew 

The entire collection makes me want to welcome the unbearable heat with open arms. It looks airy and comfortable. I love the color palette and the botanical prints, neither too loud nor too mute yet colorful enough for summer. I can't really pick one or two looks from the above style I've whittled down from J. Crew's spring/summer collection but if I really have to, I'd put the second and the fourth on my top list... and the last three. 

Jason Wu 

Lately, I've been head over heels about his creations. When he brings any style on the runway he makes it a point to allow any sort of communication between the viewers and his clothes. And this time around, he's brought forward what the people have been seeing on the streets for a year now: the high-low skirts, a modified version of the maxi skirts that were seen on the streets worn ubiquitously by many stunners. Whenever I lay my eyes on Jason Wu's clothes, it always makes me want for more. The peplum, the high-waist hot pants and the skirts are my favourite. The last one being a red-carpet worthy outfit, I wonder who'd do the honors? 


White over-alls never fail to refresh the mind and the body especially a white suit. Altuzarra's collection is anything but mundane. The casualness of the knitted top with the crisply printed skirt and the white suit cannot be overlooked from this collection. 

3.1 Philip Lim

He always keeps it simple, minimalist and unconventional. His collections are a relief to look at. 
The jackets and the shoes are a stunner. Fashion comes in circle once again. Beautiful collection! 

12 May, 2012

New York: A fashion haven

Insanity is what I'd like to call it. Just the amount of materials and fabrics you can find in New York is overbearing. There is so much to look at, so many choices to pick from that while doing so, at times, I tend to forget what I actually wished to buy. 
There is no escaping the fact that New York is the place for any fashion lover. There were many a people who told me that I should be in New York. I recall very clearly what my ex-editor had said. "Tenzin, you should be in New York. New York is the place for you." And now that I'm here, I fully understand what all these people meant. It's crazy to see the options you can find for yourself. 
Recently, I scoured through one of the streets in the city which was flourished with stores that sold varieties of fabrics and materials for jewelry and accessories. I had been to a lot of retail and designer stores in NYC but none brought me such joy than these stores did. With what I was being offered, I could make my own rubber band, swim suit, dress of every kind, bracelets, belts, accessorize my blazer, etc. etc. etc. The thought of the easy availability and the range of options, for me was not on a par with any of those moments when I was at Zara or Macy's or even Chanel for that matter. In fact, the thought outdid those moments. 
I don't know what I want to create. But I'd like to sample one or two fabrics and maybe try and make something. And since there is so many pieces to select from, I'll have to work my way towards 'my' piece without having to placate to the retailers. 

Zara Men: The window

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