12 May, 2012

New York: A fashion haven

Insanity is what I'd like to call it. Just the amount of materials and fabrics you can find in New York is overbearing. There is so much to look at, so many choices to pick from that while doing so, at times, I tend to forget what I actually wished to buy. 
There is no escaping the fact that New York is the place for any fashion lover. There were many a people who told me that I should be in New York. I recall very clearly what my ex-editor had said. "Tenzin, you should be in New York. New York is the place for you." And now that I'm here, I fully understand what all these people meant. It's crazy to see the options you can find for yourself. 
Recently, I scoured through one of the streets in the city which was flourished with stores that sold varieties of fabrics and materials for jewelry and accessories. I had been to a lot of retail and designer stores in NYC but none brought me such joy than these stores did. With what I was being offered, I could make my own rubber band, swim suit, dress of every kind, bracelets, belts, accessorize my blazer, etc. etc. etc. The thought of the easy availability and the range of options, for me was not on a par with any of those moments when I was at Zara or Macy's or even Chanel for that matter. In fact, the thought outdid those moments. 
I don't know what I want to create. But I'd like to sample one or two fabrics and maybe try and make something. And since there is so many pieces to select from, I'll have to work my way towards 'my' piece without having to placate to the retailers. 

Zara Men: The window



Sanna Gurung said...

I am at new york too n i wanted to know if u've seen some thrift stores?

Mukhiya Moks Gurung And Bipen Mickey Gurung said...

wow.....zara zara n zara........super likessssssssssss

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