09 May, 2012

An orange a day


Few days back I attended a conference on fashion studies at the CUNY Graduate Center. The conference was not crowded as I had expected which I took it in a good way. There were professors, anthropologists, writers, researchers and fashion students who spoke at the conference. Unfortunately, I didn't stay till the end of the conference. I had to sneek out after the first break.  The conference was veering more towards the philosophical aspects of fashion in terms of transgender: how they do and undo gender, how fashion is open to critique and evaluation, transvestism, queer fashion, etc. etc. It was an in-dept sharing of knowledge on such matters which was quite interesting. Never had I thought of fashion from that point of view and some of the speakers have been in the field for many years and the level of understanding they possessed was in a way outstanding and not only about what's in and what's out, and who's wearing what/who.

I tried on my glam long lasting lipstick Shade no. 01 from Florelle that day. The lipstick adheres to the lips and its nourishing properties makes the skin feel soft and supple without making it uncomfortable. The reason I chose this shade is because its a break from the red and hundreds of shades of pink you see everywhere.  

So I wore my Topshop jacket on my black turtle neck from Nepal (an ode to Diane Keaton?). The floral dress that I wore as a skirt was a gift from Yankey. I got my necklace sometime a week ago and I debated whether I needed it or not. The angel won and I got them necklace for a good deal. How I love them right now. 

Boots from Envy


By Tenzin Y. said...

love your outfit :)

Eye Candy (IKND) said...

I love love love your skirt. :)

OanaC said...

so cool combination! i love the details and the shoes are adorable! nice blog!

xoxo oana:)


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