22 May, 2012

Rain and shower all day long.

Pleated dress from H&M, Polka dots cutaway top from Daffy's
No dangerous curves here; at least not that day. 

I've been amusing my friends how the weather in New York is so inconsistent. It's living all the four seasons of the year in one-go; the weatherman seems to be one of the most important person. 
One fine sunny day you have a banana boat sundae and the next day you're all cooped up in bed, watching documentaries with showers pouring down the city all day. 

Anyways, these are a couple of photos I took recently. I'd been looking for a pleated skirt for quite some time now and I found one to suit my likings in various ways at H&M. I thought it was black but when I wore it and took some photos with the flash on, I was surprised to see that it is actually a very dark blue. Not complaining. So I'm gearing up for summer which seems to be playing hide and seek with us. We'll catch it soon and soon we'll fall headfirst for cooler days to come. That's how most people are, including me. We always forget to cherish what we're given. 

Well, let's all enjoy the rain while it lasts knowing that the showers will soon plummet so that we can look at the sunny blue sky through summer's hottest shades.
Have a great day! 


dongala (wanderer) said...

looking k saaro zemma hou.. i am loving that pleated skirt..woops *dress* i mean... and that handcuff too...


Tse-ring said...

I loved your polka dotted top and the hancuff, too & thanx for stopping by..

Gela said...

lovely top & bracelet!

jealous that you're gonna have summer soon! we're about to enter rainy season in our part of the world. :(

boat ride through the sky

the-second-hands said...

zems, love the pictures on this post. love the exposed brick wall. might have to visit your place soon.
love the 2nd picture (the most).

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