03 May, 2012


Jersey Dress by Khandoma
Bespoke Jacket. Wallet-friendly! 
I left this mini-bag home. 
Gifted. I love them! 
These pictures are from my last few days in Kathmandu. Did I tell you those few days were one of the most hectic, gruesome and crazy days of my life? Oh my, how tiresome it was to get so many jobs done at such a short time. I've been through so much craziness in the past but this one was different. I didn't know what to feel. Most part of me wanted to go to all the places I thought I'd miss and eat the remarkable dishes I'd revered Kathmandu for. But with everything that was happening, I didn't know what/how to feel at the first place; sad that I was leaving or angry for things not going the way I had planned, scared of what was ahead of me or happy for what I was being given at the moment. It was gruesome at times and there were a lot of tension in the air. It was more like one of those dreams when you're trying to run as fast as you can but your legs are moving in slow motion and you feel helpless. You're trying and trying but those damned legs just won't give in. Trying to finish my one lakh prostrations was on the top of my list which was only possible to do during early mornings because after 10, the sun would ruthlessly shine on Boudha stupa and the matte white coloring on the structure would bounce back all the brightness making it extra difficult and warm. But thankfully, I managed to complete my prostrations right on time leaving my folks content after a lot of ranting. Phew!  
With all that done and dealt with, I took on the flight with a sparkling smile.

The day I took these photos, my friend Dolkaa shot a video of my outfit for Nepal Fashion Bloggers. It was fun and impromptu. I just went with the flowwwww..... While shooting the video, I didn't know what I should say or what I was going to do next. I ended up giving every single detail of what I had on me. I enjoyed doing this with Donga, Thanks Miss Mashutso. You can also like NFB on Facebook and get updates on fashion blogs and other simlar videos. 
Here's the video! 


vintage process said...

Great look! I love it!!

Goku shrestha said...

looking great in the video
and its amazing how u co-ordinate those ornaments within : )

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