21 June, 2012

The CFDA... finally

Well well well, I finally got to watch the 50th CFDA Awards and I must tell you it's the best award show I've watched. It was everything that says inspiring. For someone who has grown watching award shows, this front seat to the awards by Style.com was a magnificent treat. In 50 years, this was the first time ever the award was broadcasted live. WOW!

What I love about awards? I believe in hard work, I believe in striving towards your goal, I believe in determination, chasing your dreams and thus I believe that there's always that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you are persistent towards what you want to achieve and award shows are all of that. It's the living proof that you have arrived, that you have achieved something in life, it's rewarding to be rewarded. It brings the toughest of man in tears while accepting an award for their work. Although there are other means to getting to know your positions, but none like being nominated and luckily awarded. It's very direct, to the point, crystal clear and encouraging. I know what you've done and can do, cannot be addressed with a piece of exquisite design of metal or whatever they are made of, but who wouldn't like to be bestowed with something so prestigious. 

The entire show was enthralling and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The CFDA is parallel to the Oscars. It is noted as the Academy Awards of fashion, but for me it was even better than the Oscars.
I loved the accepting speech by cult director John Waters for Comme des Garçons, for winning the International designer of the year, who was wearing a paisley jacket by Comme des Garçons. It was so witty and beautifully written. With that speech, you could tell how much he knows about art and the label itself. My favourite quotes were, "I wear Rei Kawakubo to be fashionable in secret", "We know how great her clothes are but others think we're just poor."

And the Olsen sisters scooped the best award everybody was eyeing on. My god, it's only been a couple of years they started with The Row and they've come this far. Why wouldn't they? Just look at what they've created in such a short span of time. All that luxe clothing and their jackets are to die for. They've penetrated the designs that many designers seem to have tried their hands on but missed out on few aspects here and there. And amazingly, the sisters have hit the right notes from the very beginning. Their clothes are very minimal, fuss-free (just the way I like it), luxurious, monochrome; any woman from any age bracket would want to wear The Row. 

They adorably thanked each other, in the end  

Some of my favourites looks from their Resort Collection 2012

Who wore the best!

The Olsen Sisters in The Row
Mandy Moore in Lela Rose
Dakota Fanning in Proeza Schouler
Carine Roitfeld in Alexander Wang with Alexander Wang
Kate Bosworth in Joseph Altuzarra
Hilary Rhoda in Rebecca Minkoff
<<<I'm only wondering what Johnny Depp would've worn if he attended the event since he won the Fashion Icon award. >>>

Be inspired. Find your inspiration. 


Diana Marks said...

wow, the last dress is gorgeous!
LA By Diana Live Magazine

Ricci said...

yeap nice collection !

Giovanna said...

Love MK and Ashley! So excited for them! Loving Mandy Moore's dress!

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Stephanie Goh said...

Didn't know you could catch the awards live online or I would've watched it too. The Olsen sisters definitely deserved to win and I am so excited for them! The Row has one of the most defined aesthetics out there and I wish I could afford everything!

Steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

Ileana said...

Love the Olsens...I usually like Ashley's style more... but this time I pick Mary Kate's outfit... and Dakota's!!! She looks great! Wanna follow each other on bloglovin? Let me know on a comment! :)



rae said...

what an incredible experience! how did you get the opportunity to attend? it is really great they have decided to broadcast these awards. i am quite impressed with what the olden sisters have been able to accomplish with The Row. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog darling, and i hope you stop by again.

xx rae


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