17 June, 2012

Let me breathe

Polka dot dress and bag from Nepal; Boots from Envy (Nepal); Scarf, Vintage; Earrings and cuff from India; Belt, Gifted

No matter how much I'd want this post to be a little longer than it will be, I'll have to keep my fingers under control, keep it very short and minimal in words. My cold is getting the better of me and I'm trying to take my nightly swan-dive on time and not stay ogling at and scrolling down some site past midnight. I think I have been doing that quite well and gulping down many a glasses of lukewarm water helped tremendously.

Weekends over. Time to roll up your sleeves and pull up your socks!
...Have a lovely week...


Ricci said...

lovely dress!
xx http://maybe-not2day.blogspot.com/

Bonniela said...

You look so cute. :)
And I keep seeing your pictures of vintage stores, feeling jealous. :p
Hope you're having a wonderful time in NY.

dongala (wanderer) said...

what aaaa music... :p
looking lovely morto..
so how old are u now???16? :p

Ileana said...

crazy for those boots! Love ur shoe collection! LOL!. They look really comfy! :)



Adrian said...

What an adorable polka dot dress!

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