10 June, 2012

You get my thrift?

There are too many a reason why I like thrift shopping, or should I be talking on behalf of an army of people who stack their closet with thrift store deals. Well, for me, thrift shopping is not only about budget shopping but it is more of an adventure and it is in a way, therapeutic. You never know what you might find; at times you could find nothing for yourself but mostly, these stores always have something or the other to offer you -- whether you want it or need it or wish to gift somebody. The chances of one leaving a thrift store empty handed are very slim. 
Having a fond liking for most things vintage and from another epoch, these stores have much to satisfy me. Yes, that's the word. It's satisfactory for me to go on a thrift shopping spree. Not only do the stuff come at good prices (sometimes it depends on the kind of thrift stores you go to. The vintage thrift stores that have second-hand designer wear aren't what you'd expect from a thrift store but comparatively, since it's a designer wear, it's a great steal) but you get amazing styles. And since fashion is always reversing and re-emerging, what could stop any fashionista and fashionisto! 
PLUS there is always that proud moment of truth, where you tell a friend or two at what price you got your so-and-so and the other so-and-so. 

*Ironically, I'm not wearing anything from a thrift store here. But the last photo is my first thrift shopping experience.*
These shoes look particularly good on slender feet. Unfortunately not for me. 
My friend Yankey and I always used to talk about how we could go to these stores together and that's exactly what we did the first time we met after many years. Both of us have been friends since we were 6 I think and have seen each other grow from innocent schoolgirls devouring waiwai and titaura in the school bus after schoolhaving sleepovers, sharing each other's tucks, helping each other finish homework and many other memorable trivialities into... into... ummm... whoever we are and have become today. It would sound very egoistic of me to call the both of us smart, witty, competitive, caring and loving, compassionate, understanding, likable and lovable with great sense of fashion and far-sighted people so I'll just try and be modest and maintain my humility.   
A welcome gift card from Yankey

I came across various thrift stores and this one came with a lot of hangers that needed extra digging. 
Banana Republic Suede handbag
I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend.
Just a thought: Make new friends (lots of them) but never forget your old ones. 
Cheers to friendship and super-duper cheers to Thrift stores!


Sanna Gurung said...

address reuiqred please. n I found a few too.

the-second-hands said...

i love this post. very special!! can't wait to visit the store you were talking about.

Ricci said...

follow? sure :D
great photos & nice stuff!

RHODA said...

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog earlier!
i love your style & your blog too! maybe we can follow each other (:


Ileana said...

Im really weird with thrifting... Love what people finds....but can't find anything!!!!!!



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