15 July, 2012

Back in the days

Vintage dress from the '50s; Shoes from Aerosoles; Suede Handbag, Thrifted; Ring from Nepal
Sticking to the past while you accept and live with the present and imagine of the future. What a beautiful day it was to take my Vintage dress out for a spin and how ironic it was that I preferred to dress up and wear the dress to watch an alien movie that takes place in 2093. A good example of how some people choose to have a liking for the past and some like to see very very far ahead.  
  Amusingly, my cousin and I had donned the same style; mini prints, a dress and the same hairdo; except the shoes. What a humorous proof of us coming from the same tree family. Lame, I know. 

I especially love the heels and the color. 
Catching up with my friend over frozen yogurt. This was heavy. 

 I finally got the print of the article I wrote for Living which was published two months ago. Click image to read. Unfortunately, they don't have it on the web so this is the only source. 

I hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday morning relaxing your muscles and stretching your arms and legs. 

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12 July, 2012

Heads up!

Top, trousers and handbag, Thrifted; Sandals from a random store; Glasses, Spring; Cuff from India
After a long time, I managed to squeeze in some time to go out for a very well-deserved dinner out with a friend; spending some time with Japanese food, talking about cultures and values, being critical about certain subjects over Mini tarts and Lemonade from Le Pain. The concoction of good food, good company and a fab surrounding. Ah, sheer bliss! 

Oh thrifty me, I'm wearing mostly thrifted pieces. The look is inspired by The Row's recent collection. Who says you need a hefty bank account to look styish? Style can come under three figures, sometimes better looking than four figures. Well, I'm a person who counts on smart shopping so I terribly agree to these thoughts (well, if it's coming from me, it better be. Haha.) 

Happy Friday everyone. Chill, have fun and make the most of your leisure time (if you have any). 
I'm not sure if I can say TGIF for myself though.

03 July, 2012


The past few days have been crazy for me. I finally got a chance to take a little breather even though it's only for a short span. Before I know it, I'll again be on the go and up and about doing my thing, being where I have to be and doing what I ought to do. 
To cut to the chase, I'll right away begin with what I want to share with you guys. 
It's the resort collection. Resort, unlike the regular Fall/winter and Spring/Summer (in my humble opinion) is not strict or restricted. It's about celebration, vacations, relaxation, coolness, freedom, youth, comfort, practicality, colours, vibrance, fresh air... and the likes of all that rings a bell to these ideas. 
I checked out a handful of designers' collections and I just want to share some of them, some of my favourites. 

Here it goes...

Alexander Wang

Since I started out saying Resort for me is about colours and vacations and all of that, it is odd to start the sets with Alexander Wang. His is always dark and shady and minimal. I cannot explain what kind of likeliness I have for him. I just admire the way he takes a basic clothing like a tee and create it into something irresistible. I've never tried dressing the way he dresses women, I'm only waiting for that one day when I'm eligible to be able to appealingly slip into his style (maybe not something out of his store racks but a similar style). 

Copy that for a real deal!

Those trousers instantly reminded me of these pants I'd seen at H&M. You can wear them casually with flats or for a workout with your sneakers or take it up few notches with a pair of stilettos. After sharing this, I thought I ought to try and find some more steals to this collection and I found two articles from Topshop although it's not as affordable as H&M but it surely is if compared with the designer's price tag. 

(from H&M)
(from Topshop)

3.1 Phillip Lim

Now this is what I was talking about; it brings more sense to the descriptions I made about resort. More to come...

Prabal Gurung

It's all pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretttyyyy... 
This collection brought back that high I got when I first saw his collection. I mostly liked the accessories from the previous collections, and the shoes from the other previous one. And from this collection, I like everything - from head to toe - the skirts, the peplum, the prints (Ah! the prints), the dresses, the colours, the shoes, the bangs of the models. 
I don't know if this thought holds any water or is it just my subconscious mind speaking, the print on the last two skirts could be inspired from the sarongs Tamang women wear in Nepal. It has a similar pattern; Busy floral prints with borders running few inches above the hem. 


These clothes are so luxe and classy. Reminds me of the 80s when power dressing peaked to the top. The padded shirts, over-sized jackets and the dresses. The different size of the prints on the same outfit gives the look a unique dimension and breaks the monotony of the prints and the entire look making every look different although the same print has been used, the pattern makes all the difference. They look comfortable and summer-friendly and most important of all, it looks like it belongs to a class of people that is yet to the discovered, aaahhhh... now wouldn't that seem mysterious and interesting. 

I will share more outfits in my next posts.

Happy 4th of July everyone! 
Enjoy your freedom. Feel free to express yourself and if you express it with fashion, all the more exciting it will be because fashion is all about expression, you know it! 
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