22 February, 2013

Disappeared. Away. Now back, for sometime.

Oh my god, what a year it was for me. It's almost going to be a year that I moved to New York and it doesn't really feel like it. And when I realised it I sat down and thought about what I had done in this past year. Well, I had done quite a few minus the blogging part. The summer was spent trying to figure out the Big Apple, the heat and the humid, the people, the subways, and the work ethics. Spring was spent running for classes, doing projects, homeworks, and other stuff. And now winter is coming to an end. But I should tell you, it was quite a productive year. Although I soaked myself with school and work and other stuff with not much time for social endeavors, I'm honestly content that I jumped right into the pace of this city. There definitely has been a lot of personal growth and change in the way I see things. It's a good change. 

Being a fashion student is fun and tough, in many different ways. It surprises you, it inspires you, it challenges you and at times, it questions you of who and what you are and what you want to become. It totally relies on you whether you want to undress yourself of all the things you are and transform into a different person, pretend/fake it or carry it all on your back and show them the different shades of color you can bring into the room. I don't know whether this makes sense to any of you but apparently, I don't know how else to phrase/rephrase it. 

I know I've been lagging behind in this world. I was busy moving forward in the outside world. 
The pictures are from the past few weeks of winter; chronologically set.
I've been carrying around my friend Zhou's Nikon D3000 and taking pictures, not of all things that struck me so far. I haven't challenged myself that far. Sooner or later, I will. I hope I will. I want to hope I will. 

my window for the week

first snow. creepers. aldo. now wearing out. 
second snow. shiver. all thing white. fresh. 
happy valentines day. usq. 

pg. love. behind, empire state building in pink on vday. 

pg for target. atlantic ave. 

commuting. sometimes you meet the friendliest of people who're up for fun anytime. friday night. loved their spirit. 

the city that never sleeps. 
japanese restaurant at harlem. highly alert waitress. scary stare. 
green tea ice-cream
the view from the restaurant
lost in williamsburg
finally there. content. 


balenciaga. s/s men. in love with men's fashion. 

gd. harper's bazaar. men's skirt. ahh.

3.1 Philip Lim. RTW Fall '13

                                                         Alexander Wang. RTW Fall '13

from where i stand. 
the neighbourhood.

home is where the heart is.
Thanks Zhou. 
Wish you all a happy new year. I hope all of you are continuing to do what you love and are making the most of what you have. There is no time to lazy around and do 'nothing'. Life is fast and you need to walk faster to keep up. 
Time to run now. See you in the other post. 


dongala (wanderer) said...

Finally you are home..and I am glad! :)

colour3d-vogu3 said...

luved goin thru the pictures
ur new follower here

Federica said...

wow nice post and nice photos!!:):)
i'm following you, visit my blog if you want!!:)

Shopaholic lama said...

Hey lovely!!! you're so stylish! love your blog!
Would you like to follow each other with Bloglovin?




Dawa Lhamu said...

Love your post and photographs. Maybe we could follow each other?
much love

byangchee said...

hay i just discovered your blog. would love to see more :) x


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