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Welcome to Ponytail! 
Hi, I'm Tenzing. I'm a Tibetan raised in Kathmandu and currently living in New York. I've been blogging for two years now and love every single moment of it. Sometimes I wonder what took me so long to start this blog, regardless of that thought, I'm glad I finally did. I have worked as a journalist for the last four years in various fashion magazine in Nepal and I have grown in strength with each experience, every moment of it. My repertoire of interest ranges from fashion to magazines to writing. 
I started my first job as a writer for a woman's magazine (VOW). Worked there for more than a year after which I took up the job of an editor to initiate a fashion and a lifestyle magazine (Navyaata). Later, I took a detour and worked as a manager for a lifestyle gallery, Pipalbot Lifestyle. My most recent and my last job while in Kathmandu was as the editorial coordinator/writer/stylist for Living and I'm currently a contributing writer for the magazine. 
Ponytail is where I update on my fashionable thoughts, opinions; where you can see my style updates. I have a very minimalistic approach to many of my selections. I love vintage fashion especially vintage dresses from the 50s and 60s. It goes without saying that I dig vintage thrift stores and try and visit them as often as possible. It's amazing enough how you get surprised every time you flip through the clothes racks at these stores. You never know what you're going to find next. My fashion taste may appeal to some but it won't to everybody. I like it chic, simple and hassle-free, something that justifies my individualism. 
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